What MORE do you ask for….

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Okay, guess what this could be ? This is queue, of course, I know that ! Well, it’s at the MORE Megastore by ABRL Indore,A.B. Road ! Me and H were just passing by and could not resist but click this pic. This was an opening day of MORE store at Indore. There was this huge line to enter the store. For a moment we thought are the things distributed for free today that there is such a biiiiiiig loooong line !! But of course there was nothing of this sort. It was just group of,actually huge group,curious people,the mango people,who on opening of any new store / mall rush to it and brag that they were the first ones to be there and all that, you know ! And this is not just it. The line is in big L shape and this one’s just one part of the huge L. Moreover, we could also spot BIG BAZAAR people distributing the pamphlets detailing the discounts at big bazaar that day !To divert the public from More Store. Ha !! Now that’s what you call “never give up” marketing !!!

Cheers to Big Bazaar and the people. Why people you say. Because to have that much patience and stamina to hold on in the big line just to get an entry ! I mean think about the ones who are last in the queue !!!

Did Kumarmangalam Birla,himself,and the company ever thought this would happen ? What else they could ask for on the very first day of the opening, eh ? Kudos to you guys for making it this big the first day onwards !

3 thoughts on “What MORE do you ask for….

  1. @Partywithneha: You can check my posts and will surely get to know that I'm based out of Indore 🙂 Thanks for dropping by, keep visiting 🙂

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