Independence Day – Oh why !

Yes, this is what many of us would do. Write a post on our country and our patriotism. And the reason is simple but is it logical enough to justify ? Why we need some 15th Aug or 26th January to arrive before we start feeling for our country and the patriots who sacrificed their lives for us ? Why do we wait for these days to salute our national flag or stand up when our national anthem is played ? Why do tele channels wait for these dates to hit the calendar to air all the patriotic movies 24*7 ? Where is the 365 from 24*7? For rest of the things we say- 24*7*365, then why wait for such an occasion to be open about the love for our country ?

Well, I’m not against the people who celebrate these days in the big way. I’m only saying where do all these feelings go rest of the days of the year ? Why are we back to normal in just a month’s time post any terrorist attack or a bomb blast or any such thing ?

Take an example : 26/11. The news hits the news channels and the leading dailies. Even the masala papers as well. Slowly and gradually the news links start taking shape of 100 words instead of a page full and 10 mins instead of an 24 hours airing. Then slowly it starts fading…to the 4th page,from there to the 7th and making it final rounds to the last page of the 30 pages news paper ! It’s just like a man growing older ,who falls ill and his struggle to live ends into dying since there are no caretakers ! He dies fighting with his illness alone ! That’s how it ends… That’s how we stop feeling sad about the people who died in the attack..that’s how we start living for ourselves again.. and that’s how we become carefree…AND that’s when the attack strikes again !

Oh why !

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