It’s not necessary…

that you think about breaking all the time. The real challenge and the beauty is to accept what has come your way,specially when you have chosen it in all your senses, and mould your ways accordingly ! We all have deficiencies and we all need to accept ours first than to point out others’. Breaking is easy but mending is far too superior and fruitful ! Why not try it ? Life’s fun is not in giving up but in winning up everything- hearts,friends,family and yourself ! Hmm.. think,think and think,then only react to situation. Pause for a moment. Before reacting think about the next couple of hours which you would spend regretting about your actions when angry ! May be then you would realise that it’s not what you meant or it’s not what you wanted to achieve. Think and do. For if you don’t think and still do you will surely regret ! But if you think and then do, at least you will be sure of what you have done ! Bravery is not in walking out and over but is in caring and saving and attending ! Love.. spread it all over.. make it a place where only love is to breath and think and talk ! Wow, even the imagination gives immense pleasure.. why not actually do it ?

Stop hating,cursing,fighting,feeling sad and making yourself regret !!
Start loving,giving,blessing,understanding and making others happy to make yourself happy in turn !

4 thoughts on “It’s not necessary…

  1. ohhh nice post, SS…i used to be like the react immediately type, but much better now…i take the time to think before uttering anything when am angry…i guess with age comes maturity, eh? 🙂

  2. @Titaxy : Yes, with growing age the maturity grows as well but it is not directly proportional ! Hey what about gtalk invitation ? Had sent you

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