She and Him-Again and Again !

Yet another night of sadness. Yet another moment where everything falls apart.

Yet another hour of arguments. Yet another teary night !

She told him about what she wants. He listened carefully. Did not react.
She told him again about her desires. He again listened,but may be not carefully this time, since he had listened to her last time !
She told him for the third time,but this time she was aggressive. He could not take this rage from her and he squalled !

They fought. They cried. They slept silently. The next day they woke up without any expression and communication. A day passed by and then they spoke to each other. Back to normal,gradually !

After few days.. they are at it again ! Again and again she has to tell her and he has to ignore or just keep mum !


3 thoughts on “She and Him-Again and Again !

  1. @Ani: Simple and Difficult are two states.. we put situations in these two categories ! Now it totally depends on one how to treat the situation…

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