The BUG !

You tried.

Umpteen times.
But unable to put it away.

You sulked.
You went into trans.
You soaked the pillow with your salty tears.
You cut off yourself from everything and everyone.
It didn’t help.

Finally, you looked at GOD and asked him the very patent and one word question- WHY ? going forward a bit WHY ME ? This is what you ended up doing with. But there are no answers from above..of course if Gods could speak up their hearts and minds !!

Only one DO and several DONTs for this one.
-Discuss about it with anyone. It will only deepen the thoughts and you will end up with bagful of Updesh from the person, who himself / herself might not know how to come out of the situation once he / she is into it !
-Think that it’s only you who is feeling bad about it..the other party may be in the same boat as you are !

-Just feel happy about everything that happened to you. It’s worth remembering forever but without sulking and analysing !

Okay so this was for the time when we get stuck up with some thoughts or memories. Some incidences which did not take place in your favour. Some relationships which went sour because of unwanted reasons. Of course we are human beings and we can’t forget it all. At one go, nah ! And everyone of us has this “past” thing to analyse and figure out ‘what went wrong’,’who did what’ and all that ! We all go through this syndrome of WHY ME and suffer since there is no elixir for it ! Thoughts are like chewing gum which get stuck to your brain cells !

Good or Bad-memories are memories and they will stay !
Good or Bad- Incidences will take place and irrespective of what you want and not !
Good or Bad- People will come into your life and go, you can’t control their movement !

It’s like a pimple on your nose tip which you,do whatever but,could not hide from anyone !! So, go ahead,get real and face it !


5 thoughts on “The BUG !

  1. Wonderful post… do and dont's seems apt.. but I guess when one is in that phase.. one just cant do anything, nothing helps..

  2. Like I said once; when you can not do anything all you do is be optimistic. It helps. the pimple on the nose thing …lol.

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