My Second Tag: Eight Ka Set (As it is called)

Okay so this is my second tag as you could read in the heading. I have been tagged by Blue Mist on this one. She did so well at this, I hope I live up to her expectations.. I’m trying BM 🙂

Note: The items are not in any specific order !

8 TV Shows I Love to Watch:
1. Koffee with Karan
2. Makeover on NDTV Good Times
3. I’m too sexy for my shoes on NDTV Good Times
4. Balika Vadhu on Colors
5. Khatron Ke Khiladi on Colors
6. Bigg Boss on Colors
7. Ladies Special on Sony
8. Asambhav on Zee Marathi

Oh, do I watch so much television, wow, wasn’t aware though 🙂

8 Favorite Places to Eat:
1. Orchid at Santa Kruz, Mumbai
2. Spaghetti Kitchen at Phoenix Mill, Lower Parel, Mumbai
3. John Hung in Lucknow
4. Copper Chimney in Mumbai
5. Tunga at Andheri East,Mumbai
6. Crown Palace in Indore
7. Shreemaya in Indore
8. Gupta Chaat Bhandar in Lucknow

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:
1. I watched Notting Hill on HBO with Hubby Dearest 🙂
2. I cooked a very delicious Lunch ( Compliments by Hubby )
3. Me and hubby practised the song “Dekha ek Khwab” from SILSILA and are going to record with Karaoke
4. Read Reader’s Digest
5. Read my current novel- “Book Lover
6. Read blogs of my blogizen friends
7. Had maggie in dinner
8. Spoke to my grandmother for a long time

8 Things I Look Forward To:
1. Start working again
2. My trip to Mumbai which is around the corner 🙂
3. My trip to B’lore in next month-where me and hubby are visiting my nappy friend and her hubby 🙂
4. Our house renovation
5. Finish the current book and go on to the “5 people you meet in heaven
6. My gyming regime
7. My sister-in-laws’ delivery
8. Blog more :))))

8 Things I Love About Winter:
1. Cosyness
2. You can wear clothes which would be hidden under your pullovers or sweaters 😉
3. Getting up to lazy mornings,tucked in the quilt ….
4. To have hot chocolate, Coffee and the likes 🙂
5. Going to hill stations where you can find snow 🙂
6. Usually the folks who live abroad come to India in winters…I love meeting them 🙂
7. Even in winters you don’t feel chilly in Mumbai
8. It’s all soothing weather and not scorching hot !

8 Things on my Wish List:
1. Getting back into shape like earlier times !!!
2. Having twins 🙂 Yay !
3. To become an Interior Designer
4. To write a book 🙂
5. Continue working
6. To roam around the world.. wow !
7. Own a sea facing house/flat at Bandra or Marine Drive, Ah !
8. To adopt a girl child, yeah !

8 Things I’m Passionate About :
1. Reading
2. Cooking
3. My self !
4. Family
5. Shopping
6. My work

will add the last two when i’ll know 🙂

8 Words or Phrases I Use Often:
1. “Okay Fine”
2. “Oh, Please”
3. “Kuch Bhi..”
4. “Sahi Hai..”
5. ” Oh God !”
6. “What the hell?”
7. “Really ? No ? Sacchi?”
8. “Don’t tell me that”

8 Things I Have Learned From My Past:
1. Don’t let people take charge of you
2. Keep an arm’s length distance..from friends as well..yeah,they hurt you at the end !
3. Let strangers(people whom you don’t know completely) prove themselves first then trust them !
4. Live life to the fullest
5. Enjoy what you do and Do what you enjoy
6. If you can’t avoid it enjoy it
7. Don’t give advices for free.. only lend them when asked !
8. Love yourself !

8 Places I Would Love to Go or See or Visit:
1. Back to Lucknow
2. Back to Mumbai
3. Goa
4. Kashmir
5. The US of A
6. Kerala
7. Again to Ganpati Pule
8. Singapore

8 Things I Currently Need or Want:
1. Job !
2. Getting back in shape-It’s must or hubby will disown me..buaaahhhh ;))
3. To buy a clutch
4. To get my bags packed for the trip
5. To get a grip over my thoughts and emotions, ya !
6. To go to the parlor today ! ; ) Pamper day 🙂
7. To give hubby a pedicure.. long pending you see !
8. To return all the missed calls that i did in past 1 week.. have been lazy and haven’t returned them yet 😦

So, I’m done with it !!! Please take this tag if you like and want to do would be fund readin all the sets from you !

13 thoughts on “My Second Tag: Eight Ka Set (As it is called)

  1. @Kanupriya: Well yeah, it reveals a lot ! hehehe.. Why don' you also take this tag ? Would like to know about you 🙂

  2. Gosh this can not be true. You watch Asambhav on Zee marathi ? Man I never thought there is anybody else who might watch it…not at least from blog sphere. 😀 Neatly done. Hey you should get in shape because you want it not because husband or anybody in the world wants it. Right ?

  3. @BM: Does that indicate that you are maharashtrian ? Wow 🙂 I told you there is some connection..a strong one 🙂 Well, yes very true ! I want to get back in shape since I was like that earlier and secondly for hubby too :)Good that you like my tag 🙂

  4. yes strong connection one in asambhav 😀 very much maharashtrian I am !Getting in shape for hubby is one thing ; but for the reason hubby will disown ; bothered me. When a wife can stand a beer belly why not a husband can stand a few extra tires? right ?basically I feel this all so darn secondary when a relationship that truly matters.

  5. @BM: Aree.. I was just kidding re about my hubby saying all this 🙂 As the matter of fact he never says that 🙂 Touchwood :)I'm really glad to know that you are marathi 🙂 heheh strengthens the bond more !! Yeah, what if this asambhav thing comes out to be true :)))) LOLpls do add me on gtalk.. i had sent you an invite.. accept it na

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