Virtually Yours – To you all over there….

I’m here on blogger since year 2007.Written very less in year 2007 and 2008. Since 2009 have started writing so much. And have had lot of “followers” ,as they call, on the blog. Have been reading lot of blogs and it’s really fun.

It’s actually a virtual world where you don’t know people usually. Don’t even know their real names and there whereabouts. But, there is this strange connection between you and them. That’s the blogger villa or the village or whatever..

For me, I’m so happy to have few blogizens as my virtual friends. To whom I feel connected to. Whenever I write a post or two I wait for my blog-friends’ comments eagerly ! And I sign-in into my blogger home page just to find posts written by these friends 🙂

In recent months I have got connected to is Blue Mist, Ersa, Ani_Aset and Psych Babbler.. And I’m hopeful that the numbers are going to grow.. sooner !

I’m sure you guys also go through the same feeling..

Thank you guys for being there every time I write anything and also giving me a chance to read so many wonderful things that you write 🙂

Keep Writing !!

7 thoughts on “Virtually Yours – To you all over there….

  1. Thanks for that ! I haven't visited your blog in a while because it looks like I still have the old feed and the last post I have is 3 weeks old. Didn't realise you had changed it around so much. Anyway, now that I'm back here, will be visiting again!! 🙂 Keep blogging!!

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