Dhan Ta Na…

Okay yes ! Watched KAMINEY.. first day second show !! Loved it ! Of course it’s a must watch..

It’s a total Shahid Kapoor movie.. I’m mean you may feel it’s made for his re-launch !
Priyanka Chopra is great as usual.. the expressions,feelings and emotions she has shown is perfectly natural…
Vishal Bharadwaj.. Man you have done it ! The movie is not doubt a hit !
Good comedy in between the serious underworld fights and action scenes !
Ends in a melodramatic way which is not unacceptable !

So what are you waiting for ?? Go and book your seat now !

Now that I’m done with this magic.. another magic is on the way to click !!! About it ? A bit later…may after a short break ,till then Dhan Ta Na….

22 thoughts on “Dhan Ta Na…

  1. I am sooo envious!In Mumbai all theatres have shut down and I really want to see this one. Good you didn't reveal much about the movie.

  2. @Aparna: Hope you have seen it by now !@Cuckoo: Tnx dear for dropping by 🙂 You bet you can't miss this movie.. It's indeed a must watch !

  3. @Ani: Of course ! What's wrong in that ? All these years in Mumbai I used to go alone for the movies… It's fun..go try

  4. Heyy, the day swine flu restrictions were lifted, i rushed to see this movie, and i think it is just mindblowing!!!

  5. @Aparna: Good that finally you will see the movie..lemme know how did you like it !Yeah I sent the request, accepted ? 🙂

  6. Reminds me of PULP Fiction….. Many scenes and situations are similar… but as rightly mentioned total DHAN TA NA……

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