A post.. A new post..after a long time..Finally !

“A post.. A new post..Long time !” A dear friend from blogville said this to me and it really gave me a high.. It inspired me to overcome my compendious break and get back to jotting down !

All this while where was I ? Not that it was a long long gap but for a person like me who writes almost every day, it was kind of unusual to be away from this blogging world for total of 4 days ! Hmm huge is it ?
So, I was in Mumbai and was having fun with my folks over there. Came back and with no traces of H1N1 in my breath or blood ! People really confirmed with me by calling me..something like this- ” Are you back ?How was the trip ? You are not feeling tired and pale na ? You are okay ? Not sick ? Any cough and cold ?” Hahahah.. This presage will cut our long life short anyhow !

There is a lot going on in my mind right now which really made me not write..could not give words to the thoughts which could be spilled here… Sometimes you really feel a void and still you want to voice so much ! Contradictory situation ! I might loose some connection here and there while writing.. right now my brain feels like released from a clink and wants to just break free with whatever it has in it !!! Read it..

Blogging has given a new dimension to my personality altogether. I have matured in my language,words and thoughts. There is this symmetry taking place and an ability to connect with those who I don’t even know or haven’t seen or met !

When you are sure that you want to do this certain thing in life and if you have shared this with even handful of your folks and friends. Beware.. you will be flooded with advices. Good for you since no advice is a bad one until what you make out of it ! People from all over the world will call you and tell you DOs and DONTs and the leg-ups and debit sides of the transaction. Ya, and you end up cursing, somewhat, yourself as to why at the first place you shared it with them all ! Grrrrr….

There are many people on your gtalk list and they all are busy at the same time. What status message you put on your side really matters to them. Then they will specially take out time and ask you about it for sure. Today I got a good news from my very close friend-about the baby coming-in in few months. I was so happy and excited that I immediately changed my status message from “Available” to “A friend gave a good news and I’m happy about it”… Within no time there were at least 12 windows pinging me and curiously asking only one question- “whose the friends and whats the news” Geeeeeee..Such is Life !

There are few things which you really have to be sure of in life. We often come across situations where we have to choose from the dibs available to us. To some it may appear to be a lucky situation to have dibs ! But believe me they are not always a good thing to have in life. They bring in befuddlement with them ! And loads of it ! It’s like standing at a crossroads and looking at skies.. trying to locate GOD and ask him what to do ! Yeah.. I’m at the crossroads right now ! Have almost come to a decision.. ahh..this almost killed it again ! But I will have to choose quickly..I don’t want to end up with none in hand later on 😦

Going to the book store and buying books is an adored activity which me and hubby like. The commonest thing in us !!! [And may be the only common thing 🙂 otherwise we are so so poles apart..be it food,places,hobbies,personality..and the works ya !] We went to the book store today and I was scheduled to buy A book… [note the stress on A]. Ended up buying 4 books for self..Geee… I just love to spend time in book shop.. the kind of environment it gives you…the solace..nowhere can you find all that !Books really make me and H very happy..I’m really glad my kids will have a library ready to start with :))) Okay so got these friends from the shop:
1.Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom
2. To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee
3. Wise & Otherwise by Sudha Murthy
4. The memory keeper’s daughter by Kim Edwards
I have already read Sudha Murthy and Mitch Albom.. And other two are new to my literary world..just wanted to explore 🙂

Have started my walk and badminton sessions and I’m thrilled to be back in action. After all it was so long pending. God..help me stick to it and attain my goal…hahaha weight loss !

It really gives you a bounce when you know you are wanted and so much so that people are ready to create things for you. I’m glad and feel striking it rich to know that I did a good job at my previous organisation. When I expressed my view to re-join the authority was ready to do so. It’s above recognition and appreciation ! Yes it gave my ego a nice chirapsia 😉

Relationships are byzantine and they are destined to be so. We should not put our energy in solving the puzzler. Instead we should try to find out the mid way in every possible manner to strike that necessary balance. Running away is not the ultimate solution. In fact there is no ultimate solution to the ruffled relationships… Time is the best healer,your patience the best tonic and smile is the best tablet ! Try it out 🙂 Prescribed by Doctor Nu :))))

Finally I have written all I wanted to write all these days..I profoundly thank you Blue Mist for posting that ONE message 🙂 It got me going so well…

8 thoughts on “A post.. A new post..after a long time..Finally !

  1. Geez what thanx and all. C'mon we all miss your regular posts and like you miss writing them. Glad that you could get back to normalcy. Comfort zone it is.I used to do such random posts. haven't done in long time. Nice this and that listed.

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