‘Life Partner’-Movie Review

Me and H were just thinking of going out for a while and roam around the town just like that. Thought of checking a flick may be.. checked the schedule online and zeroed in on ‘Life Partner’. No accolades heard and no media hype about the movie. Still wanted to go and check and we did !

A bit about the movie:
Directed & Written by: Rumi Jaffery
Cast: Govinda,Prachi Desai,Fardeen Khan,Tushar Kapoor,Genelia D’souza and Amrita Rao.

The movie is about marriage-Love and Arranged. It:
  • Is about relationship before and after marriage.
  • Tells you about what happens to a husband-wife relationship in an orthodox family set up.
  • Also showcases the girl friend-boy friend-puppy love-transforming into a husband-wife love and its consequences.
  • Tells you how it is really natural for a husband to support his wife even if he has to go a bit against his family morale and traditions- especially when the wife is correct at her point !
  • Will help you connect to the different angles of the same situation which takes place in our lives as well.
  • Is a fun filled movie. Some jokes and punches here and there could be ignored and the movie is set to rock.

So, if the movie has so many positives then why is not visibly hit ? May be because:

  • It did not manage to share the market with KAMINEY.
  • They did not market it well to reach the audiences and in the right manner.
  • It failed to strike a chord with the audience right from trailer days.
  • To an extent the star cast and the banner is responsible for this invisibility.
  • The songs are not too catchy…actually not catchy !
The actors did well. My ranking goes like this:
  1. Govinda and Prachi
  2. Fardeen Khan
  3. Tushar Kapoor
  4. Amrita Rao
Oh..forgot Genelia… Actually..she is not to be remembered after this one too ! Sorry gurl, but I’m just honest !

But my personal advice. go get a DVD and watch at your home theatre..It will surely do some good to you.. one more thing to remember.. it’s meaningful if you watch it with your husband / wife..and for those who are single.. I still recommend to watch since it will help you prepare your mind for the M word !!!!

After all-love is a dangerous entity and we need advices at every step ! 🙂


7 thoughts on “‘Life Partner’-Movie Review

  1. Ani, your GF doesn't watch movie or you have none or you have many or you want me to go crazy over the guessing game trying to prove that i still posses 'that' great mind !!! 😉

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