Mujhko bhi lift karade…..

Man,this is a mad world out here.. And it’s divided into various quadrants.. so many people occupy these quadrants and create a differentiation.. Sometimes I feel,yes, because of this differentiation we can cherish what we have or we can be sad for what we don’t have ! If we would all have been on the same page then it wouldn’t have mattered !!!

I notice this incidence taking place at every other mall and building where they have lifts ! Earlier I used to get pissed off by this act of people but when I realised that it’s so commonly taking place…it started bringing smile to my face now a days…

Ever noticed, while waiting for the lift to halt at your floor and open to take you in, that the people standing along with you for the lift are so impatiently pressing the call button in every second of the waiting time ? It’s funny specially where there are two call buttons-upward and downward ! If the person waiting at the 1st floor has to go the 5th floor,he will keep pressing both the call buttons despite of the indication that the lift is at -1th floor… I wonder they just need some more buttons to press to pass their time..Geee…

On top of it.. there are people who,with style, will come over from the back of the line [if at all there is a line system for the lift] and start pressing all the available call buttons and to their good luck if the lift arrives at that moment they will look at the others waiting in line with such an attitude that says “Look guys,you didn’t even know how to call a lift..I called !”

Either they are impatient or in hurry or uneducated or whatever…. But the fact remains.. the lift operates on a simple mechanism.. It goes only in two and fro. You just have to be aware of where it is right now and press the button accordingly… It matters later,when you are inside the lift, as to which floor you want to go-upwards or downwards !

I wonder these lift makers would be facing so many problems after installation.. AMC must be roaring high..or may be they are aware of the regular feature in these type of people, of pressing wrong buttons at the wrong time, and hence made the lift buttons strong enough to take the finger load and still carry on ! Who knows !!!


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