They are so special to me !

When you are just born they bulwark you by being at the edge of the bed.

When you are young you play with them. They never say no to play-whatever time whatever day !
When you grow up you cuddle them.
When you watch television they are so much needed.
When your best friend comes in for that secret talk and a cuppa coffee, they are the ones who accompany you both and give you comfort !
When you cry they soak all your tears in and give you the much needed gentle and warm hug !

Today you are a grown up and they are still with you in every which way you want them to !
When you want to just relax your body after a long day you need their lap to sleep in.
When you want to lie down and read a book they are there to support you.
When you are missing that someone special they give you a cosy feeling and a bear hug.

They come in all shapes and colors. They bend the way you want them to.They never nag. They are soft and cosy.Without them you can’t think of going to bed !They can be in all your rooms.They never stop giving you comfort !

For me they are really special and I love my pillows very much !!! Some pics of my pillows:


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