When you are Nostalgic & Happy !

I have been inspired by Blue Mistfor sharing the song with my blogger friends….why this one ? Because I liked the song very much,it played on my mind all day and it really carries a meaning with it !

I was watching this movie “Phir Milenge” on some tele channel [sorry yarr, didn’t pay attention to the channel name] Ya so this song caught my attention.. I have heard this song generally many a times.. thanks to FM channels that keep playing it every other day.. I mean no..I’m not cribbing.. I really like this one.. But when I watched it I felt more close to this number.. kind of connection…Actually yes when you see the song and know the background of why it is there, you are able to connect to it in much better way.. no ? Umm.. I think so 🙂

So the lyrics go like this:

Kuch Khushbuyen
Yaadon Ke Jungal Se Beh Chali
Kuch Khidkiyan
Lamhon Ke Dastak Pe Khul Gayi
Kuch Geeth Purane Rakhe The Sirhaane
Kuch Sur Kahin Khoye The Bandish Mil Gaye

Jeene Ke Ishare Mil Gaye
Bichde The Kinare Mil Gaye

Meri Zindagi Main Teri Baarish Kya Hui
Mere Raste Darya Bane Behne Lage
Meri Karvaton Ko Tune Aake Kya Chhua
Kahin Khwab Neendon Ki Gali Rehne Lage

Jeene Ke…Kinare Mil Gaye

Meri Loh Havaaon Se Jhagadkar Lee Uthi
Mere Har Andhere Ko Ujale Pee Gaye
Tune Hasken Mujhse Muskurane Ko Kaha
Mere Man Ke Mausam Gulmohar Se Ho Gaye

Jeene Ke…Kinare Mil Gaye

Kuch Khushbuyen, Saanso Se Saanso Me Ghul Gayi
Kuch Khidikyan, Aankhon Hi Aankhon Me Khul Gayi
Kuch Pyaas Adhuri
Kuch Shyam Sindhoori
Kuch Reshmi Gunahon
Main Rate Dhal Gaye
Jeene Ke Ishare Mil Gaye
Bichde The Kinare Mil Gaye

[ BM does a lot of ‘song on my mind’ posts..dig her blog for more and I’m sure you will end up having a great playlist :)]

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