Why should we save you ?

At the first place why did you get yourself into it ? And when you are there why are you crying and screaming at the top of your voice “Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao

Yes, another game show..err… reality game show on tele. Are we [audience] mad or these makers ? Where are we headed with these kind of shows coming in so frequently ? There are lot of thoughts zooming in my mind about this show particularly…

1. Why this kind of theme ?
Eating all that crap and having those ugly competitions to survive in the show.
2. What do these celebrities [ ????] get out of participating in this show ?
Publicity ? Learn new acting skills ?Chane to bad mouth boldly ? Make new relationships ? None of these or all of these ?
3. Will they get work once they have proven their mettle here in the show by bitching and bad mouthing ?
So, by this logic every new comer should actually go first take part in these kind of shows..throw some slang here and there and show some attitude about oneself and pheww…gotcha !

And the funniest part is : The title says save me from this mess and the participants say ‘pls vote for me so that I can stay here for some more time’ 🙂 Funny that is !

It’s all about liking and individuality. May be there are viewers who really die watching this show and can do whatever to be dot on time to switch on the tele. So there are people who like shows like “Splitsvilla” or a “Bigg Boss” or a “Rakhi Ka Swayamwar” or for that matter “Roadies” etc.

Creativity ? For that I would surely give MTV a special browinee point for coming up with n number of shows…errr.. reality shows but which are all different and creative in nature ! I like that attitude the channel carries and has sustained right from the start 🙂

Anyways, I really don’t know where is this tele world heading.. what is the aim..who are the target audience.. What’s the vision of this tele world ?


2 thoughts on “Why should we save you ?

  1. haha wow you found something interesting" The title says save me from this mess and the participants say 'pls vote for me so that I can stay here for some more time' 🙂 Funny that is !"

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