Rising and Setting

Was just conversing [through blogs] with one of my fav blog friend,BM. BM had mentioned about the morning sun here.

While commenting on her post I realised and remembered one thing that my school friend had mentioned on few pictures that I had posted. It was a sunrise picture. Sun at 6 am. She very rightly pointed out that at least you took sunrise picture,people always want to take sunet pictures”

This made me memorise any pictures that my friends or family have taken and shared which had sunrise in it. I really could not remember any. Then thinking further I also realised that people click photos of the moon in the night but never ever I have come across a picture of early morning moon. But hey, I have taken a picture of moon at 5 am ! 🙂

How ironical.. sunsets are said to be pessimistic and sunrises-a new beginning of everything. But still Sunsets are so famous with the photographers but not sunrise ! Ya, but both of them are part of nature’s cycle and that’s why we are proceeding ahead in life…It depends on your point of view..how you take both suns.. rising and setting !

Generally, sunrise pictures are not found. Of course the professional photographers must have had all kinds of sunsets and sunrises captured in their cam. But usually with general public, I don’t think there are any pictures of rising sun..if at all..I haven’t come across 😦

Such is life !

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