all these and many more… the stress of following and continuing with these things under the name of tradition and values.

World is changing every minute. But it’s not changing uniformly. There are selective sectors where the hi-tech changes take place and the ones which have been ignored or left or could not keep the pace are untouched even now. There are people who are still following the traditions in the name of culture and family values. Child marriages,child labor and bunch of widow rules. All are same and there are many more which we might not even know.

Was watching this serial ‘Uttaran‘ on Colors. A rich grandson falls in love with a maid’s daughter. The Grandfather is so furious about it and maintains just one statement- “Hum apne rivazo ko nahi badal sakte.Ek naukrani ki beti kabhi hamare ghar ki bahu nahi ban sakti” It’s amazing. There is no other reason he has to give to oppose the marriage. Just because she is a maid’s daughter? No wonder they are called poor in every sense..in luck as well !

Here in the Shahrukh and Aishwarya starrer ‘Devdas’ when Dev is caught with Paro in his room in the night- Father says-“Woh nichle kul ki hai, Woh daulat aur shaurat mein humare barabar nahi hain”. To this Dev replies very calmly and steadily-” I object. Woh khate to roti hi hain na ? Chalte to zameen par hi hain na? To woh alag kaise huyi…” and the argument continues.

Point is really, when we can’t differentiate in the blood that flows into our bodies,that we all walk on earth and that we all breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide..that we have the same number of bones, arteries and veins.. then why segregate just because we are born in some caste or some religion or in poor family or rich ?

I have seen in many households that today as well there is a separate cup for the maid to drink tea / water. And we boast about having a nice time at the local chai tapri in those common glasses that everyone under the sky use..

I have heard people say that they prefer separate maids for cooking and cleaning. Whereas the households where there is no maid and the lady of the house has to perform all the tasks..we just don’t mind a bit…the same pair of hands cooking and cleaning !

There are families who have different rules for daughters and daughter-in-laws. If a DIL is sleeping late till 8 am in the morning the MIL will be angry about it whereas if (and she surely does this) the daughter is doing the same,she is pardoned without even bringing up the issue.

All these and many such things keep taking place every day in our lives. Some stand up and speak up for it,some whine about it and some just ignore with “Mainu ki farak painda hai”. The whole calculation is how many are on the Speaking up side and how many are Kya Farak Padta Hai side !


5 thoughts on “Rivaaz,Rasme,Kul,Parampara………..

  1. You are dead right! Discrimination on the basis of financial status or religion or caste has been for long a social stigma for the so called "educated society " we live in. Its time we all stand up and uproot this evil!

  2. arrgghh, this is something that i always fail to understand..the whole caste / religion thing…when are people gonna open up their mind a bit and understand that everyone is human..and no caste or religion is going to change what you are.

  3. @HP and Titaxy: We all say its time people should start doing this and stop doing that.. But who are these people ? It has to start somewhere…May be with you or me…

  4. i too hate this whole kul parampara thing..glad you brought this up..our generation will surely leave all this behind soon hopefully

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