Good Thoughts,Good Living- Part 2

You make few and I make them too.
But you are angry over yours and kept thinking what you lost.
It’s little and It’s big,
It’s to be cherished so remove the regret twig.
Do you get the whole point made here?
It’s about ‘sacrifices’ in life sphere.
The day you stop whining about it,
Your life will be a perfect fit !

Isn’t it true ? We all make sacrifices in life and mostly we regret about them big time !! These are part of life and the sooner we accept this fact the better for all of us, no ?
It’s about changing the point of view,if it is changed then we will move on from
“I did it for you and I do so much every time” to “I did this for us and I’m glad this is serving the purpose”


8 thoughts on “Good Thoughts,Good Living- Part 2

  1. Hey loved the post, really liked it! You know a small difference of perspective from "me" to "us" can make such a huge difference in the long run!

  2. @Kanupriya: Tnx dear ! I agree with you. We need to broaden our horizons and If we really take this task seriously the world would be a great place to live in !!We just need to do our bits !!

  3. @Ani: You know there are people who have this whining habit about everything.. specially sacrifices..even if that has done them some good.. they would prefer a condition where they don't have to sacrifice and get everything !

  4. go with your heart….good thing u worked on ur instincts…love the feng shui plant, always loved it and have always carried it..from bombay to US!!!hey NU..ur other blog doesnt let me post comments :(be in touch Rush

  5. @Rush: Tnx for dropping by buds πŸ™‚ I don't know what could be the problem with posting comments..would try to sort it out soon.. would love to hear from you on the posts πŸ™‚

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