The Speechless Connection !

I got this plant as a B’day gift from my office in 2007. Since then it has been one of the important things in my life. I moved from Mumbai to Indore last month.While packing from office I was sure that I will take it with me and when I was packing it along with my other stuff my colleagues were surprised as to why am I taking this along..what good will it do to me ? I said “you won’t understand what it means to me” and after reaching home and packing stuff at home this plant was not having place in my luggage,hubby insisted that I leave it at the flat only. Second time suggested about leaving the plant. And I almost left it unpacked. But when I looked at it for the last time,when our luggage was taken to the ground floor and into the taxis,I sensed that it is saying-“please take me with you”. I felt a connection with it and yes, I just picked it up and kept it into my hand bag. Of course hubby dearest did not know until we reached here at Indore and unpacked.

Today it resides at the window table in my kitchen and I water it religiously every alternate day ! I’m glad I picked it up and did not listen to any of the advices been given to me ! It reminds me of the good time that I have spent in the office and with the people out there. it reminds of the great B’day that I had. It carries a lot of memories with it !

Call me emotional or whatever. I’m like that and I love this plant and I’m very sure it loves me in turn 🙂

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17 thoughts on “The Speechless Connection !

  1. the header has :)and my mom is just like you, who needs another truck just to transport all her plants 😀

  2. @Ani: Yeah the header is the collection of my own pics..thought of some originality which resembles randomness ! Hehehe..I guess females have more emotions and heart than men you see 😉

  3. @PB: Ohh sweetie 😦 Donot worry.. You didn't do it on purpose so don't feel sad.. ! Yeah i love plants and specially this one 🙂 The apple of my eye 🙂

  4. aww nice :D…nothing emotional and all about it, Nu…we all have things that we connect to and can't leave behind…glad you listened to yourself and took it with you!

  5. what happened to u shifting to WP ? any thoughts ?Plants are alive like as we are. So connecting them to is very normal.

  6. @BM: wanted to shift and tried to but i found it a bit complicated to use.. so held back.. :(Awww.. this word normal made me think that I did not do that great a job by connecting to this plant 😦

  7. No wp is very simple in fact. let me know if you need any what's wrong with word normal? I dont think I had any other hidden meaning into that.

  8. Its surprising the relations that we make that allow us to find meaning with our lives. We relate to other people, yes, our relations, friends, colleagues; but also sometimes to the plants that we have grown, the pets that have grown old with us, or as in my case with an old rusty motorcycle. But as you rightly pointed out I think its the memories associated with someone or something that makes up an association into a long-standing relationship.Regards

  9. @Blue Bird: Tnx for dropping by :)Yes the memories play a very important role in our lives and makes us like or dislike something so much !

  10. @BM: Yeah, will take your help in moving to WP..Have already created a blog there though but unable to get a hang of the dynamics of settings and all…

  11. I love Bamboos too. The best thing is that it doesn't need to be watered everyday as you keep it immersed in it. So I just change once a week. I also add a Green liquid which the Chinese store gives for a Dollar. I am a fan of indoor greens. 🙂

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