From RKM to I

As always the to-do list was in hand and it was ever increasing as the weekend approached. It reminds us that we don’t have right to have fun unless we attend it seriously..okay the concession it gives is-‘finish 50% of the tasks and you are free to take a break !’ A very dear friend has termed this to-do list as RKM..
Roti-Kapda-Makan’.. fairly apt. Earlier I used to deny this and used to tell the friend to take life coolly and enjoy it ! to-dos keep happening every now and then-be it work or home.. But yeah..sooner now I’m also drowning into this RKM process… where life almost gets hold of you and drags you into it’s whirlpool of managing work,home,in-laws, relatives and friends. So where is ‘I‘ in all this ?

There has to be an I in all this!!! And where do you find I ? So me and H decided that we won’t let our I vanish into this process of RKM. So what did we do ? Well, we set out some time for ourselves and did what we really like to do…Ahem,Ahem..before your thinking cap really switches itself on let me tell you what is that..Movie,Reading and Word Game..We really really enjoyed it.. and what else could I ask for when H is beside me in all of these activities…watching DDLJ, H reading his book [The Toss of Lemon] and I’m reading [The Memory Keeper’s Daughter]…and post that we played Crossword (It’s Scrabble actually)… Our favorite word game :)..I think we managed fairly to take out some quality time and spend that together nicely without stepping out of the house..A great and happy weekend*,I’m glad đŸ™‚

And now I want to tell my dear friend that RKM sure dominates our lives but we need to balance it out and create I time !!! It’s certainly possible, isn’t it ?

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*Weekend here is just one day that is Sunday !


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