She and Him-Set me free

Why does it seem so difficult,Why can’t things be alright

Why do I have to suffer,Why can’t I take it all in my stride ?

Every little thing irritates me,nothing seems falling in place
I feel helpless and can’t find any solace !

I start feeling worthless and can see only darkness
This only leaves me with my prolonged loneliness.

I want to set myself free from this cocoon formed
I want to see myself completely transformed !

Will ya help me in my aim,But promise you will not play with me any game !
Cause if you do so I will break,since all my life is at stake !


10 thoughts on “She and Him-Set me free

  1. Rush, No re..these days I'm trying my hands at poetry..this was the third attempt 😉 Well yes, the thought is somewhat true..was just chatting with this friend today and she was sharing some pain…wanted to blog about it and it took poetry's shape :)Thankuuuuu 🙂

  2. Hey BB, Tnx 🙂 Just came out from heart… and would you believe that I wrote this poem in 5 mins..At least I could not believe myself… 🙂

  3. I understand the feeling, Nu. The few poems in my blog, they too have come out when they did in something like 5 min, fully formed. Later on, I am sure even if I sat down for a whole day I would not have done even 4 lines. May be it comes through us, and not from us. And though it is of us, and yet it belongs not to us (with apologies to Kahlil Gibran.) Hey are u from Indore? I studied at St Paul's way back in high school.

  4. BB, you are right…it comes through us and we need not sit and plan any poem or prose… that's why they touch the heart !Yea, me from Indore 🙂 St.Pauls ? Hmmm… Intelligent breed then ! 🙂

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