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This is TAG. A picture tag and a very easy and interesting one. I have been tagged by Titaxy. And hey, i got my first tag from her only, so thanks once again sweetie 🙂 !

Okay so there is this rule which says-Open the first folder of pictures and choose the 10th snap from there.Post it here and describe the story behind it. Hmmm, I want to honestly say something here. I did follow the rule and the 10th photo which I was supposed to post here was a photo with a very dear friend and I thought it would not be correct to post someone else’s photo just like that. So I tried again and ended up with similar photos for another 2 times. Finally I decided I’ll pick one snap myself and complete this tag ! Sorry for breaking the rules Titaxy ! But I have got 2 snaps to post here with a few lines for each of them !

Snap 1: This is a Gudda-Gudiya wedding.
My younger niece,who is 5 years old,ardently watchesBalika Vadhu aired on colors every night 8 pm. Some time back there was this doll wedding shown in the serial and our madam-x started requesting..errr..ordering us to have the exact kind of wedding at home and invite all her friends. Man, we had to listen to her and we actually had a grand doll wedding,which is visible, on the next day and the invitees were us family members and her friends-The gang ! Earlier we were like feeling kiddish to get to do something like this but finally when it was really happening we all elders too enjoyed it and had a gala time at the wedding !

Snap 2: This is from my previous organisation.
Lot of sentiments attached to it. This is an expression board,as the name suggests. Since I’m an HR professional I have to keep my employees motivated all the time. And trust me it’s really not that easy always [sigh!] ! So yes, I had to always have my creative thinking cap on and do something or the other to keep the liveliness in the environment steady and growing so that the employees feel relaxed and more efficient at work ! So there was a time when I was to create some event or an activity for them.After lot of thinking I came up with this idea of creating an expression board for them. I discussed with the authorities and the idea got approved. I got a chalk board to break the monotony of the soft board and the marker,being an IT company ! It was fixed in the hallway between the work bays. And every other day I used to put some topic on the board and employees were free to comment on that…The topics ranged from Current Issues,Concerns,Abstract Topics,Some Games [in the picture you can see anagram been put up],Picture Puzzles..etc…etc ! It rocked as you can the board is full and it was the case every day !
Since this is my baby I’m very sentimental about it !

Take this TAG if you really want to..Since I have seen most of the bloggers don’t really like doing tags. So,I’m not being forceful and not tagging anyone there 🙂

11 thoughts on “Picture & Memories

  1. ur board really works!! can see the excitement on it.So, ur a HR person…never tried to know what goes on at ur end…being employees the way we look at HR is they are one and the rest of the org is another!!

  2. @BM: Yes it is 🙂 And trust me the wedding was cute too :)@Suchismita: Tnx ! And really that's a great idea to have it at home as well, go ahead :)@Titaxy: Thankuuuuuuu sweetheart 🙂 @Rush: Tnx Rush 🙂 Yeah I'm an HR !!! Ahem Ahem 😉 I know what employees think of HR…HR is to be blamed for every little thing happening in employee's life..even if that means the electricity bill not paid at home 😉 But trust me HR is a responsible profession and it brings you close to the people. I love it too much and I'm glad I chose it :)Yeah, I think there is a lot to catch upon at both ends 🙂 Stay connected buddy 🙂

  3. Both the photos were interesting becoz they revealed completely different facets of you – the doting aunt and the out-of-the-box-thinking professional.I also loved the way you poked our disregard for sports like football in your previous post!

  4. Sucharita Tnx 🙂 Yeah, doting si the right word…When you have such sweet kids at home you can't help but dote them to this extent ;)The board thing, I'm glad people are coming up with ideas like putting up similar board at home as well… :)Football post ? Hmmm…at least you read and mentioned but ironically that post has not managed to draw reader's attention as compared to other posts 😦 Bad luck football,what else can be said ?

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