Victory Unnoticed ?

A very small quiz this is. You can read the question only once and should not take more than 5 seconds to answer it. Let’s start-

1. Who is Sachin Tendulkar ?
2. Who is Mahendra Singh Dhoni ?
3. Who is Amitabh Bacchan ?
4. Who is Subrata Paul ?
5. Who is Baichung Bhutia ?

Now honestly tell me how many of the above answers could you get right without thinking too much or googling it on the Internet ?

Nothing much, just wanted to share that our Indian Football team has won the Nehru Cup and probably many of us are unaware of this glorious victory ! Even if we are aware,we take it as just another news.Of course,leading dailies have published this news on the page numbers like 20s and ahead but not on the front page making the headlines. Moreover there is this website which pronounces Cricket as our National Game where as it is Hockey, ain’t it ?

Time to think, Time to think !

pic: TOI online


2 thoughts on “Victory Unnoticed ?

  1. I'm not surprised. When I was in school there were people that thought cricket was the national game instead of hockey! The media is to blame…

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