The Law of Known-Unknown

Unknown: Someone you don’t know nothing about. But still gives you solace even by a smile or a little chat.

Known: Someone whom you know very well. But there are times when this someone really hurts you and the hurt is deep !

Law: Only they who love you very much can hurt you AND Those whom you don’t know can never hurt you but wipe your tears !

Amazing !

8 thoughts on “The Law of Known-Unknown

  1. i think what bridges the gap is Us..and our expectations.Coz we dont know much about the unknown, there barely are any expectations.and becoz we have known so much about the know, we are full of expectations.and the Law – its a human law, created by us, its human!!!

  2. @Suchismita: Yeah, both extremes are involved when it's about someone we the same in both the extreme situations strangers give us a shoulder to cry sometimes :)@Titaxy: Thankuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu,Enjoy your weekend :)@Rush: Very rightly said. The expectations play an important role into our relationships..And most of the time they are to blame !!! Grrrr…. :)@BM: Yes true !@Elegant Chic: Welcome here,hope to see you often 🙂 Yeah, right we get so much concern and wishes from blogger friends…kinda known strangers they are 🙂

  3. Interesting, food for thought.Will you say 'only those who love you can hurt you' or 'those whom you love can hurt you'?Vivek

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