There is a very stark liaison that I share with my maternal grandmother.My nani. I call her mothi aai. So proceeding I’ll use MA for her.She lives in the same city that I do since 5 years now. But this bond has nothing to do with the proximity and the frequency of our meetings. We talk and we talk at length.It doesn’t matter to us whether we are sitting across or talking on phone. We just need to talk to each other almost every day ! Sharing things like- cooking,books,movies,relationships,abstract..basically all the works ! Most of the time its me who jabbers 😉 And she listens…carefully and shares her perspective on that ! She also keeps sharing her knowledge and experience with me all the time. MA is Bachelor of Arts graduate from an English medium. She has worked in her father’s organisation for quiet some time.And now past few year she is a home-maker and a grandmother of us 4 out of which I’m the eldest and the dearest one ! 🙂 She reads a lot. Is cricket fan.Posses general knowledge of the higesht degree !!

So like everyday, I called her up today morning around 9ish while sipping my tea ! Today since H had announced that we were going on a lunch date[more about it later], I was free with the cooking assignment ! [ahhh ;)] Okay so me and MA were talking about our respective books that we recently finished reading. While talking about that I just read out a blog post to her about dreams and desires which eventually led us to the much vague and wide topic-Wishes ! MA remembered something from her school days ! [oh ya, she is 77 and yet remembers her school] She told me that they had once asked to write an essay on the topic “If wishes were horses”. And I was amazed to hear such an intellectual topic.. I mean given that we use this pun on Hindi essays like gaay hamari mata hai,hume kuch nahi ata hai” this English essay topic is out-of-the-box and thought triggering 🙂

So I started thinking…If Wishes were horses then….still thinking…Ummm… ???? Then ???
What about you ??Tell,Tell…

4 thoughts on “IF WISHES WERE HORSES

  1. I rmbr my grandfather (who is no more now) who seemed a little bit arrogant to his grandchildren. But when once I got chance to interact with him, he really surprised me with his intellect and knowledge. Your post brought back me to that old memories.

  2. grandparents are the best :D…and your grandma sounds so lovely..yeah, so now i'm off to thinking what if wishes were horses..

  3. Tomz:Welcome to the blog,hope to see you often ! I hope you enjoyed the drive back to memory lanes…Sorry to hear about your grandfather ! Such is life !Titaxy:Yay ! G.Parents are the best and hence they are called GRAND parents 🙂 Grand in every way !So what if your wishes were horses ? Spill it… :)Rush:Ohhok.. I thought you unhappy with your honeybun 😉 hehehe come back soon..I like to see you on the list !

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