To one and all !

They held me close when I was born.
They know me since 28 years now.
They are the ones to whom I spoke my first word.
They taught me so much in life and I still continue to learn from them at every stage.
They care for me to the extent of ignoring themselves.
They cry when I’m in pain.
They know when things are not right at my end,even if they are miles away.
They always pray for my happiness and wish me good luck in everything I do.
They do not mind my minor mistakes here and there but they want me to improve and guide me to the right path.
They love me the most.
They feel proud of me in my small achievements also.

No they are not my teachers in relationship. They are the ones who brought me into this world and made me what I’m today-strong and a happy women !They are my Parents.

Parents teach you so much in life. So why not wish them today ?
I wish my parents a very happy teachers’ day !! Go ahead and wish yours too šŸ™‚

Special wishes to my mommy dearest.It’s her birthday as well. A very happy b’day to you Aai !!

I remember a line from the movie Hum Tum by Rani Mukherjee to Kirron Kher.
Sach hain.Kyonki Bhagwan hur jagah nahi ho sakte,unhone maa banayi’
God created Mother since HE can’t be at every place.

In fact on the side note, everything and everyone that we meet,see and hear in our life teach us something or the other-be it friends,family,kids,tv serials,movies,books,plants,maids,profession and oh yes our special Blogger friends too !

So Happy teacher’s day to everyone out there šŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “To one and all !

  1. Hey Nu, lovely post this one :)As they say, a person who teaches us even a single syllable is a Guru! So, ofcourse we hv to be grateful to a lot many ppl today :)N yeah, home is the first school n Mother is the first teacher. Hw special it is that its ur Mom's birthday too šŸ™‚ Wish her a very happy birthday and May God bless the entire family :)Thanks a lot for that wonderful comment on my blog ;)N chor se chori šŸ˜› U r welcome to do it šŸ˜‰ šŸ˜‰

  2. Hey Swaram… Glad to see and know that koi aur bhi nishachar hai jo kahi blogging kar rahi hai… LOLJust read your old post..B'day wala.I think khub jamegi jab mil baithenge 3 yarr…tum,main aur yeh blogsphere yarr !!! LOLYeah, will convey your wishes to mommy ! Tnx :)Hope to see you around..often

  3. @PB: Tnx dearie šŸ™‚ Yeah we keep learning from our parents every day…and the basic lessons of our life is taught by them ! So they are our teachers in every way !@HP:Thankuuuuu@Titaxy:Thankuuu sweetheart..will convey your wishes t mommy !

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