Morning Walk Theory-Carry on Doctor !

Morning walk really does wonders to me..apart from feeling fit,light and fresh I feel very much thoughtful and wise by every km I walk in the park ! So have decided to write a series of thoughts which almost get converted into theories by the end of the walk…Today’s theory goes like this:

Life is CHEM-BOW ! No ? Think about it. Life has multiple colors just like the rainbow and it is circuitous like any chemical reaction ! So !

It shows us so many good moments and so many bad as well. A package deal that we call it. It’s such an important part of all us. So much literature written on it and so many phrases and proverbs constructed around it.Why forget movies and songs too !

In life we are happy sometimes and we are sad as well…Most of the times when we are happy we don’t think too much about whys and hows and just enjoy our state of happiness. But when we are sad we curse our being and people and destiny and everyone around gets cussing out of our anger and despair. Who is responsible for our bad moments ? Does cursing make us feel better? What is the hindmost solution to get out of it ? To be free out of the mess that we so hate being in!!!

I think the best way is to feel fresh and lighter by going for a Morning walk.Believing in yourself. Taking one day as it comes.Nurturing your good feelings and the relationships which give you happiness. Doing what you really coddle to do….like singing,dancing,reading,blogging,eating out,cooking,watching a movie,partying,painting,sketching,craft,drive,swimming,phone a friend,smiling,gardening,shopping,exercising, oh and work too ! 🙂 There is so much to life than to sit and think and cry ! Gone is gone.. Pull yourself out of it ! And trust me it’s only you who can do it ! None can do that except by standing far away and lecturing you or directing you..That’s how it is ! The ultimate efforts are required from you…and the solution lies within !

Like they say ‘happiness is a state of mind’. I think problems too are the state of mind.And like the happiness is the aftereffect of our good deeds the problems are the backwash of our bad ones.. but they are still our own ! So why want to disown them…Face them,accept them,work on them and move ahead ! I know it’s really easy to type few philosophical words on ‘how to deal with your problems’ and all that..and one might say it’s easier said than done..I agree..flat out ! But hey,we need to remember that nothing comes with guarantee BUT with workability !! And coming out of any problem is not impossible !!! The moment we believe in this we are half done…

You see we all have a doctor within ourselves. And only that doctor can cure our problem. Our very own problem. So keep doctoring yourself in your highs and lows and enjoy the chem-bow….Carry on Doctor !!!

5 thoughts on “Morning Walk Theory-Carry on Doctor !

  1. Hi NuThis was a good post..Saw ur profile.Seems like u r blogging for quite some time.Is it addictive?Have just started blogging since last 2 weeks & m enjoying it a lot.Cheers!!Saurabh

  2. good post, Nu…we always need a balance and that's why, i think, life is bundle of happy and sad moments…without one, we won't know how to appreciate the other…anyway, so you planning to become a philosopher soon? with a lot of these thought-provoking morning walks :-P?

  3. Hey nu, your morning walks are sure heavy! :)Quite impressive that you remember each of those fleeting thoughts by the time you get home and start typing them here.How long is your morning walk by the way?

  4. @Saurabh: Have emailed you@EC: Nice lines sweetie 🙂 I agree… Life is fragile…and prayers saves it !@Titaxy:Yeah,Yeah !! If not a philosopher at least a woman in better shape ;)@G: Hmm..that might be a god's gift of remembering even the tiniest things even after number of years 🙂 Well I usually walk for 2-3 kms.. Was it a very heavy thought ? Ohh..Will try to put up a little bit lighter thoughts 😉

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