Rising Anxiety….

The Jet Airways hits the news again and for the wrong things. It’s day 3 and the strike is still on. The news reel on the issue is getting so dirty day by day with the usage of words like terrorists and the price hike by other airlines. The ultimate sufferers are passengers and who else. Just checked the heavily loaded air traffic routes like the ones between metro cities..The prices are soaring like hell ! They scared me really. Think about the passengers who really really have to make that trip and can’t avoid the air way. This is nothing but sucking the blood out of the human body like an insect !

The company is suffering in terms of the daily business [which is approx. 30 crore per day], share prices going low by 6 % and good will which is already lost in terms of the image which is hard to rebuild. Passengers are really bothered about the money they have to cough up for taking substitute airlines and these passengers would be like the wounded lions which would not forget this episode so soon and might not prefer Jet Airways in, at least, near future..the confidence is shaken !

Day 3 has buzzed an alarm at the prime minister’s office ! All these 2 days our PM were snoozing the alarm,if I may say so ! Why wait for such a time to come and then ask for the reports and the resolutions ? Why can’t we act asap ?

All this and more..there is so much thinking to be done and actions to be taken…It’s time the authorities take their responsibilities seriously..and it holds true for the pilots as well who are not able to see the passengers’ trauma !


4 thoughts on “Rising Anxiety….

  1. bunch of jackasses, realise little what the public has to put up with.Why cant the world be a place where we not only think of ourselves but keeping in mind about others.when the focus is inward, this is the chaos created!!

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