Blameworthiness ? Not Really !

The guilt. How does it strike you ? And when does it do ? How do you feel then ? Sad? You feel like hiding under the covers. You make resolutions to not repeat it. You want to break free from that feeling. All this and more.. But…But…when the guilt comes with a content feeling,then ? Oh guilt with content??? Ever experienced ? Read on….

Today I skipped the morning walk which is so very must for my exercise regime. And the reason why I missed it is very simple and straight. When hubby dearest is all snuggled up, tucked into the cosy blanket,who on earth wants to get out of it and go for a damn walk ! 😉 Oh few calories not burnt today ? Aha, never mind ! For this cuddle anything, no ? 🙂

So today’s Morning Walk Theory says that- Some days sacrificing that ‘MW satisfactory feeling’ is alright when you have this contended feeling at hand 😉

Have a great weekend folks !


9 thoughts on “Blameworthiness ? Not Really !

  1. @Jal Pari: Yeah, thank you thank you 🙂
    @ Titaxy: :))) How was your weekend ?
    @Rush: Sweetheart you are right… next time i'll be a bit unreasonable and tell what was it 😉 Hehehe
    @Swaram: yeah,totally 😉
    @Ranju: Yeah, could not be better than this 😉
    @G: Girlie, hmmmm !! Naughty Naughty !!! 😉 Well I think more calories burnt..heheheh LOL…
    @PB: Sweetie, yeah…now that's why I could not resist but skip the walk 🙂
    @Meira: Yay !! Mann Ki baat boli :))) Hubbies are like that..but still they are so so cute :)) The cutest I guess 😉 More than the soft toys that we still like to hug !!! And tnx for the blog compliments 🙂

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