Continuing the chain… Act against Child Abuse !

Just read the horrific post on Psych Babbler’s blog. You MUST check it here. I’m glad that she posted it to make us aware and move us to act. Every single person,if starts doing his / her own bit, this place would be really free from every bad thing in the society that we hate to the core but are not doing much to stop it !

When I was reading this post few mins back my cousin brother too, who is 14, happened to see the pictures. And man, he was so scared that he immediately asked me to close the window. I could understand his astonishment and the fear.He has never heard of child abuse and that too this strong ! You know what he said after about 5 seconds of silence ?
“thank god we are born to parents who don’t hit us or curse us in any way”

It really made me think… and I’m moved.. I’m really sorry for the children who are not blessed with parents..and for them who are cursed with these kind of parents.. But you know being sorry is such a low class-cheap to say here…I know it’s me who said it just now..But now I’m feeling shameful… SORRY ? Haa.. I mean we are talking about child abuse !!! Sorry is such a light word for this….
Other’s Pain :
We can’t feel the pain,We can’t taste it.
We can’t smell it either, We can only hear it !!
Which is not enough to understand the gravity !

We need to ACT !!!


10 thoughts on “Continuing the chain… Act against Child Abuse !

  1. Yay…first person to comment, I'm guessing!Thanks for taking on that post. It was indeed shocking even for me…and I've heard a lot of stories of neglect and abuse. But I guess I've never really seen the aftermath in terms of bruises. Sorry it scared your cousin! Your cousin is so right though in being thankful for the kind of parents we have. I used to think my parents were strict when they smacked me on my legs a few times as I was growing up or they grounded me. But they never ever even came close to what some kids go through.Things like this not only increases awareness, it also makes us feel thankful that our parents are probably not as bad as we thought they were while we were growing up.

  2. Yes Girlie 🙂 You are the first for the first time 🙂 And hey today you seem to be on the blog for almost the entire day 🙂 I agree..these are eyeopeners which let us know the value of what we have and what others don't have and hence we should cherish and be contended in what we have 🙂

  3. Oh I haven't been on the entire day…just since I finished dinner…about 3 hours! 😛 I'm seriously becoming more and more addicted to blogosphere… 🙂

  4. man, i cudnt see the pictures…too much for me!!child abuse is the worst thing that can happen to any kid…just transforms for the worse the rest of the life for that little life.

  5. Rush, you are right ! It's too much for all of us actually… And hence lets join hands and try to spread the awareness to stop this…

  6. Nu, I saw those pictures on PB's and sat there in shock. I worked and volunteered for women's organization and have met deprived children but this is extreme. How cruel people can be to small children?

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