Yeh Akkha India Janta Hai….

So watched ‘WYR’ after much waiting and all that adduce about it. As usual was very excited about the movie and had booked the tickets in advance. Put the message status on FB etc. 😉 Well, so the time comes that we enter the theater and occupy our cosy and comfy PVR chairs.

The movie is okay ! That’s what I can say, in a nut shell.
The entire movie is made for and of Piggie Chops.And to not disappoint us she has done a great great job throughout. Not a single moment we felt that she is slipping out of her character. She’s really done well and got herself into all the 12 types of girls aptly.Direction is okay.The topic interesting and the star-cast fine.

Now something about ‘not so very good things’ about the 4 hours torture. Yeah, the movie stretches entire 4 hours and few minutes on top of that.The obvious reason:There are 12 songs for all the rashees-which were totally avoidable by the director but I guess he has picked up this habit of long movies from Lagaan time,hence injected these songs to stretch the length !Lagaan and Jodha Akbar made some meaning out of the long hours ! In this one, people were actually moving out of the hall the moment the songs started…and finally post intermission most of them literally went away..left the movie in the middle of it..people did not have stamina to go and take up few more songs thrown by the screen ! Even for a while me and hubby were tempted with this idea of moving on…but guess I had to write this review ! 😉 So we continued and tested our patience to the fullest !Harmaan..Umm.. was okay. Not bad,not good. I mean you won’t notice him since you will notice PC so much !

Ufff ! So the movie ends after the wait and we exit the screen. Post that while driving back home me and hubby somehow got going on the songs of 1990s. Like…

‘Tum lakh chupao pyar magar duniya ko pata chal jayega….’

‘Chehra kya dekhte ho..dil mein utar kar dekho na..’

‘Kaun ho tum jo dil mein samaye jaate ho…’

‘Yeh Akkha India janta hai hum tumpe marta..dil kya cheez hai janam apni jaan tere naam karta hai….’

And it was such sweet-romantic drive back home 🙂 *mushy mushy..all singing and smiling :)* They say alls well that ends well.. and I think after ‘this’ end I’m much happier !!!

Go people,If you haven’t watched the movie it for Priyanka Chopra !

P.S.-Titaxy,Thanks so much for asking ! Alls fine sweetie 🙂 Hugs !

P.P.S- Solilo: If you have already checked out the movie you will know why the Capricorn girl has been shown as ‘no-parlor-visits’ types. Ya ?

9 thoughts on “Yeh Akkha India Janta Hai….

  1. 4 hours! OMG! I could understand Lagaan being long (although there too, some stuff could have been avoided) but a romantic movie being 4 hours long is a bit too much! Hats off to you for your patience. So tell me, why is the Capricorn girl portrayed that way? I'm never going to watch the movie, so you might as well tell me…I was offended at her portrayal (saw it on Solilo's blog)

  2. Much as i like Priyanka (in Fashion, Kaminey, etc) I will pass this. Can't sit for 4 hours in one place, and can't watch Harman for so long, either. Your in-the-car-antakshari was way better than the movie.

  3. 4 hrs is way too much! 12 songs too too much na :PSo, which rashee Piggy chops did u like the most ;)N those songs from the 90's lovely 🙂

  4. @Sucharita: Hehehe.. LOL..can't want harman for so long 🙂 Thats was really a real one 🙂 Yeah, the antakshari was much better and fruitful than those 4 hours of rashee chakra !

  5. @Swaram: Yeah, girl ! But I was brave and took it all just for you… 😉 To post the review 🙂 LOLWell acting wise PC was good throughout. I just loved her totally 🙂 That's what kept us going !!Yeah, the kind of forgotten songs..and when you sing them after a long long time they just become a melody and fill the environment with cheer 🙂

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