Kahin Na Lage Mann

Of this and that..Of here and there…Of him and her..Of those and them…Of crimes and issues..Of beauty and beasts…Of you,me and us ! Of this whole wide world…Of everything !

No these are not the names that I’m fiddling with to choose for my new blog or a post or something. This is all about what I wanted to write from so many days. If you have noticed after my 100th post my writing has taken a break. I’m not at all into writing [typing]. But the thoughts keep flowing and running in the mind playing hide and seek with my brain cells.Can’t help !

Point is these days I have lost concentration in anything I do.. Anything meaning ya anything ! If I take up a book to read..within 4 pages of reading I’ll find it crap when it was me who went and bought it with so much enthusiasm. Now you might say this happens with some books.Agreed..this is exactly what I thought too and picked up the next one..and then the other one and I’m trying the third one within the tiny span of 1 day !

I want to write something [blog post] and suddenly when I open my editor I’m put off ! I thought let me change the template and do some refreshing activity on blogger..may be that’ll help..but hey no ! I was unable to keep myself logged on for more than 5 minutes.. I’m reading my blog roll religiously but unable to comment…reason ? Don’t feel like ! It’s a simple one liner that I’ve picked up and it’s stuck to my tongue forever now !

This was the post I had written few months back about my hair. And even after that long rant and telling myself to shut-up I’m again at it ! Now I’m so much wanting to straighten my hair…so much so that I’ve almost called my hair stylist for the appointment and soon should be landing at the unisex saloon chair ! Now you will think what’s the problem in this ? Well, nothing..just that I’m again fiddling with the thought of leaving my hair alone !

Oh yes, by now you know what is this syndrome.. CATT syndrome ! Confused All The Time. I’m really getting mad at myself to have caught this syndrome… don’t know from where and from whom !

I can only guess one good reason for this.. I’m jobless. Now for those who don’t know why am I jobless…err…let’s call it ‘between jobs’..hey wait before you even think that I was thrown out or something…stop right there folks ! I left my job in Mumbai..[oh my sweetheart job] since my hubby and the rest of the family is at Indore and hence me followed ! Well, I knew the consequences..that here I would have to wait for a while..and that while=longer time..to get a job and I was so much ready for taking a break…after all those years of hard work and long hours put in work at Mumbai I deserved a break..ya,at least this is what I thought then ! And now it’s 3 months..I’m between jobs and unwell because of this CATT syndrome !

Moral of the story : People,know your happiness and choose your paths. I realized this late that I can’t sit at home..I have got to stay on my toes and that’s where I belong.. corporate life ! I would have waited for few more months like to find a job in Indore and then shifted back..given that my resignation was not being accepted at the CEO level till the time I was leaving..they really wanted me to continue..and that’s the best thing that can happen to anyone in work life ! So may be then I could have waited for some more time OR now that I have landed here I should wait for some more time !

Get it ? Oh it’s my turn to say that “I get this and I’ll follow” !!!

By the way any suggestions for a good read? I’m starving to read something…please help..

15 thoughts on “Kahin Na Lage Mann

  1. @Neha : Are you mistaking me for someone else ? I'm not sarika šŸ™‚ Geee…Almost Single ? Advaita Kala right? Read already šŸ˜¦

  2. Nu, I loved Not without my daughter..give it a try, though i can recommend my favourites like Namesake, shantaram, thousan splendid sons, how opal mehta …etc:)

  3. @Antarman: Thanks for the reference.Out of the list I've already read The Namesake…The title sounds interesting..Not without my daughter..whose the author ?

  4. Nu, didn't know about the between jobs things. Good luck and hope you find a new one soon! šŸ™‚ I can understand being bored…and sorta all over the place when you are not working. Re a good read, just read 'The Time Traveller's Wife' and have a review on my blog.

  5. @PB: Thanks for suggesting.. Will surely have a look.. By the way this means that you have missed me earlier post 'between jobs and 8 days'…. šŸ˜›

  6. Going thru the same…And I totally understand ur feelings…I was terminated from my job due to recession and it did affect me along with lots of other issues. But, thank God I dont have much responsibilities.No concentration, no much enthusiasm in anything… sigh… Hope we will get over it soon :)I'm attending .NET and Oracle classes so that I dont go insane sitting at home.

  7. Really sorry Nupur…like I said, I wrote your name in her blog :(((. Side effects of multi-commenting!!!Have you read the Twilight series? I'm going to begin that now.

  8. hey nupur. . .hope u remember me. . .itz realy cool. . .n i think my condition is even worse than yrs. . .i have a job still that excitement is not there in my life towards work or towars nethng wat i do. . .

  9. I think you should utilize this time to follow something you like. Get on some hobby class. Basically keeping oneself engaged is the key. I have seriously enjoyed my this break period. Like they say you will not get everything at the same time. You have H by your side that something which was a miss while you worked. this time will not come again. So make most of it while you are at it.

  10. Not without my daughter – Betty Mahmoody.More suggestions, although I think these might have been crossed out of your list already, are…http://gunjaaish.blogspot.com/2009/05/tagging-myself.htmlA tag I had done long back. Too lazy to type the names here. Just finished reading 'e' by Matt Beaumont. Totally hilarious!! :)Hey about the syndrome, I guess everyone goes through it. I think its not good to be sure about everything all the time na. šŸ™‚ Confused is a nice mood to be in. Dont associate it to being between jobs. You will get more frust by the end of it.Cheer up šŸ™‚

  11. @G : Thank you pal.. I think you are right.. I should not associate this syndrome to me being jobless…I should remember why I'm jobless..which for good šŸ™‚ So ya..and with friends-blog friends- šŸ™‚ like you I don't have to worry right ? Will check the list right away..by the way right now have picked up "emily giffin" novel..posted on my blog at right side bar

  12. @ ALL : Thank so much for all your comments and suggestions for reading.. I'm glad to have friends like you to support me in my CATT times as well :):)

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