Beware-You might have to strip !

Can you believe it ? I could not !!! And jumped out of my skin when I read it in the TOI today.Here is an article for you guys to read ,if you haven’t already got your eyes on it. Click on the link below:

New Technique of Storing Bomb Materials Inside Body Cavity Nearly Kills a Saudi Prince

This literally means that the passengers could be asked to strip at the security checks in future. Whether it will be applicable sooner or later is another question.But the point right now is where and how are we going to be safe ? The men with evil minds are sure to break all boundaries to take over our quiet happy lives which are already burdened with loans to pay,sky high prices,unruly politicians,family matters,work load,performance pressures,recession,increasing cost of living,peer pressures,personal problems,diseases and more such beelzebubs..??? They crack-up almost 90 % of our simple lives and these terrorists are taking over the remaining 10 % which we are trying to live happily even after fighting with the above mentioned devils.

Another sad news that flashed was about Francis Gomes. Read here.
Few things that pop in my mind are these:
How can a father do this to his daughters ?
One of the daughters had managed to flee in June 09 then why didn’t she help her sisters and mother,once she was out ?
Francis is a graduate from St. Xavier’s College,Dhobi Talao. So does this mean that even the educated are not to be trusted ? Ahh 😦 It’s all so ironical… God save the world !!!

Okay last but not the least…after reading these sad news I moved on to read something which would at least pep me a little bit…

1. Chetan Bhagat is coming up with his next writing- 2 states: The story of my marriage. Neither I am a fan of his nor I dislike his writings. But something which made me at least smile !
2. Somehow I’m really really excited about the Bigg Boss-3 which is starting October 4,2009. Though I did not follow the earlier two seasons…but this time I’m sure I want to follow this one πŸ™‚ Senior AB has done the introductory ads so well..they are appealing !
Check these :

And And..finally I get to hear a very good news from a close friend…she delivers twin baby boys !! YAY !!!

So as they say alls well that ends well… at least for writing this is ending on a sweet tone…But the fear of terrorism is still prowling at the back of my mind ! 😦


6 thoughts on “Beware-You might have to strip !

  1. GOSH the promo of BB3 looks so awesome. Can't wait to see the show. I have been addicted for last 2 seasons. This one will bring on something new I am assuming.

  2. @BM: yeah the promos are so nicely done that they will attract more viewers now.. after all Big B in Big Boss πŸ™‚ I loved the 3rd one as well..which I'm unable to find on internet…that ones the best till now..check if you get to see it..Big B walking,on the music tunes, in an open area..kinda jungle..

  3. I too am looking forward to Chetan Bhagat's next book. And for Big Boss, I'll make up my mind whether to watch it only after seeing the participants….somehow, these reality shows actually leave me sad and depressed with all the hypocrisy in them!

  4. We may not have to strip…instead they may use weird x-ray thingies which will be as good as stripping. Re the Francis Gomes thing, I was expecting another Joseph Fritzl and I guess it was actually a bit of a relief it wasn't that. Having said that, I don't condone what was done. I suspect he has mental health problems which resulted in this extreme form of behaviour as a response to his fears. And finally, I can understand having that fear of terrorism at the back of your mind. When I used to live in Bombay and travel to the town side everyday for college, it was fine…I was never worried about terrorism. Then I moved here and things became even more relaxed while things started to get worse in Bombay. This July when I was there, there were terror alerts and I realised how I take my safety here for granted. It's scary thinking that any time there could be terror strikes. And yet, life must go on.

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