Being 30 something…..

2 weeks back I turned thirty I entered my thirties…and people all across asked me as to how do I feel now ? Well though I haven’t thought about that much but I still try to analyse..How do I really feel having spent 29 years of my life on this planet earth ? Do I need to list down my achievements or the failures or the happy and sad moments or count my relationships or my earnings or whatever…

Before I really get down to do all this stuff..I have a question ! What is so special about being 30 ? or even nearing that ? What lies on that side of the age meter ? Is it something really strange or weird or very nice or what ? Why do people have to call and wish the usual  ‘happy b’day to you‘ and jump to the question ‘how do you feel entering your 30s?’ I mean every one reaches to their 20s and to 30s and then to their 40s and so on.. so why make a hue and cry about it, no ? Or may be I don’t understand there is really something special to cherish about and announce it and enjoy it and shout it out..bah !

As I have already mentioned in my last post about being 30…. It’s just a beautiful stage in life..another year of happiness..some sad moments where we need to be brave…some beautiful relationships..lovely holidays…more plans and the achievements..not to forget a certain set of failures as well…to be wacky again and to enjoy the moments…to be around your loved ones…etc etc…

Also some relatives tell me that I need to grow up now since I’m 30..and that I don’t look or behave like one…that I need to stop being a kid and start being quiet and behave and look mature…dah dah dah…. My god ! Gimme a break guys ! How in the world do you look mature ? What, is there any make-up available so that you can apply it and look 30..err..mature ? hahaha.. spare me the scare ! I mean isn’t it enough for these people to know that I’m still sane and in my senses ?? That I behave and act maturely whenever it is required to..And other times just let me be ya !! P L E A S E ,will you ?

I believe that you should be yourself and showcase what you are and not what someone else want you to be or you should be according to the so-called norms ! What say you, eh ?


21 thoughts on “Being 30 something…..

  1. That was an awesome post. I avoided calls on my bday this year, as I didn't want to feel aged by these questions (How intelligent!). But responded to all missed calls with a message!That was a valid point: "you should be yourself and showcase what you are and not what someone else want you to be"We are always child at heart- appreciating beauty of life!! LEt's keep going!!Happy Birthday(don't count the years!)LoveSavitha

  2. Now that you are 30, does that mean there's more pressure to have kids?? I think at every decade, people ask you what it's like etc etc. I know of people that do it every 5 years…they moan and groan about going on the 'other side of 25'. Age is just a number. You are as old as you feel is my motto. And at the moment, I feel 30! 😛

  3. @PB: Yes you pointed the right thing.. not a pressure I say but curiosity for sure 🙂 questions like "when are you planning?", "what's the plan about baby?" "will it not be too late for the first one?" hahahaha LOLYes I too believe that it's all in your mind ! I you want to feel 80 you will be 80 and so on 🙂

  4. Well written Nu 🙂 Its just another yr that hs passed by :)We r what we are and wil always be 🙂 Loved the ending note 😀

  5. happy (belated) 30!! someone wise told me 30 is the new 20.. so just enjoy this phase.. its fun..from a co 30 year old..ajcl

  6. Belated birthday wishes for you. And dont worry about all those who keep asking you how does it feel to be a certain age. Its really in the mind. (I used to classify myself amidst the "young people" till buying insurance for a trip kind of brought me down to earth because of some requirements for folks nearing 60. The agent must have cracked up. I certainly look my 60 years. )You are what you are, and no one defines any norms about how to think at a given age… Whether 30 is the new 20 , or 60 is the new 35, Enjoy, have fun, and share fun……

  7. lol…they ask you to look and feel mature? 😀 haha…what do you tell people like those. :-)congrats on turning 30, my dear…how does it feel? 😉 LOL…just kidding

  8. Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.:)

  9. @AJCL: Yeah, I enjoy life as it comes ! I'm cool 🙂 And hey thanks..and same pinch 🙂 co-30 !!@UK: You are totally right ! And yes having fun is what everyone tells you but you told me to share fun…that's a nice idea-spreading happiness !@EC: Rito 🙂

  10. Eh! I think the awesomest thing would be,be 30 and look or behave it, it’s a compliment , those guys are just J, considering they grew up way too soon!
    I think your attitude is perfect, and I feel I will try to have the same next year this time 😉
    Me: thankiee Pinoo 🙂

  11. 😮
    This is an old post! Oh ho! Anyway, what I say stands!
    Me: Oh yes this got re-posted today because I made a minor change 😀 good nah…at least you got to read it…otherwise who reads the old posts 😦

  12. What Nu you are 30 and no kids…Shame Shame…Ladki kya kar rahi…Ufff tera kya hoga!
    Me: lol you sound like one of those aunties around here 😉

    Belated harppy birthday Nu and i hope this decades brings u loads of happiness. Love your post and i shall approach it when i reach this “landmark” which will mae me mature and all
    Me: do revisit 😀

  13. haha! At 22 I get the same advice to look and behave matured and stop getting excited about the smallest things and all. But thats never going to happen :P. Being in touch with the kid in you is awesome :D. And I hope you remain the same :).
    Me: yes it’s great to be connected to the kid in you…and I’ll remain the same 😉 changing me is a tough task you see 😉

  14. ‘I believe that you should be yourself and showcase what you are and not what someone else want you to be or you should be according to the so-called norms ! What say you, eh ?’ – Absolutely!
    Me: 🙂

    Age is just a number. I don’t get this whole madness over turning 30 either! Go Nu! You are perfect the way you are!
    Me: Thankiee Smithu 🙂 HUGS

  15. “I believe that you should be yourself and showcase what you are and not what someone else want you to be or you should be according to the so-called norms”- I second you on that! Just be yourself!!
    Me: 🙂

    Me: HUGS right back Deeps 🙂

  16. Just wanted to say: ‘Welcome to the Club.’ We are glad to have you. Hope your stay will be comfortable and memorable.
    Joy always,
    Me: Thanks Sus,that was a lovely message 🙂

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