Of Death and Demise

How will you feel if you will know your death ? Imagine for a moment and then think about it..how does it feel ? Does it feel scary ? Weird ? Stupid to think ? Awkward ? Silent ? Funny ? Or may be you are thinking what am I up to ? 

I watched the movie ‘P.S. I love you‘ day before yesterday. The movie is awesome no doubt and I’m very sure by now most of you must have already seen it and if you haven’t….go go go.. must watch !

So coming back to ‘knowing one’s death’…It was so thoughtful of Gerry, hero in the movie, to keep showering his love on Holly,his wife, even after he dies. Since he dies of tumor,he is aware of his death-time ! Amazingly, he takes the positive side of his death and plans to motivate his wife to go on with her new life,after his death,..to get on with new profession,enjoy with friends,to fall in love etc.etc..

Wait for a second and think..can any one of us do this ? I know you will say this was a movie and anything can happen in that..agreed…

Coming to our actual lives, can we ever take ‘death’ easily and positively ? Can we let go off the people by not crying in their memory but by remembering them in the good times and the good memories they gave us when they were alive ? By doing what they always wanted to like may be some charity or donation or help the needy or may be just be good to others… ? 

I lost my dearest uncle,my father’s elder brother, in February this year. He was just 61 and with no illness. He just passed away one fine night, at 2 am ! And we were all left astonished by his death ! My elder brother remembered in all the pain and agony that uncle wanted to donate his eyes..so he called up the eye bank and the officers came and did the needful… I,like my other family members, cried and cried and cried till my last tear drop…and today also when I remember him, I cry..he was not only my uncle..he was more of a father to me ! But today when I look back.. all these 29 years of my life that I have spent with him… I recall all the nice moments,the lessons I learnt from him,the love he showered on me…and the one important thing that he taught me…to pray and the prayer goes like this:

God grant me the serenity-to accept the things I cannot change;
Courage- to change the things I can;and 

Wisdom- to know the difference.

So, all I want to say is death is a part of our lives..because there is death,there is birth and vice-versa. And please remember the loved ones who are far far away,are watching us from heaven above and they won’t like it at all if we cry..so for their sake we should be happy and keep them intact in our memories,with smiles !

P.S.- The prayer mentioned above is called ‘serenity prayer’ taught at AA. My uncle was a senior member of AA and has served the organisation for almost 15 years and has helped many families to bounce back to normal lives !


16 thoughts on “Of Death and Demise

  1. Death is a mere concept of how human life tranforms from one source to the another, and as my dad always says celebrate death as much as you celebrate the birth because both of them are just forms of existence in their own ways.I remember reading Osho's death stone which said Rajneesh Osho, neither lived, neither died, just visited the planet earth from December 11' 1931 to January 19'1990. I would love to put that on my death stone.10 Pints & A Curry

  2. The death is onlycertainty of our life…though it is difficult but this is the right way to live..remeber the departed ones , but with a happy smile…there was this Hindi movie with Amol Palekar and Ranjeeta where the hero thinks thta he is going to die and he tries all he can to match make his wife..though it was all done in a comic way:)

  3. ooh i saw that movie when it got released a couple yrs ago…it was sweet…but i seriously don't know if i can take death with sucha positive spirit…i guess, though, when you come to think of loved ones after you are gone, then somehow you will get the strength to stay positive to provide them with all the support, who know!i was thinking so much about death just a couple days ago, Nu…not on these lines as what you've written….but more on the lies of how i would spend my time if i knew i didn't have a lot of it left…

  4. The answer to your question in the first line is – Thankful and sure. I think that is how I will feel if I know my death. Its practically impossible unless I am dying of a disease or something.Well, why I would be thankful is becos, I will know how many days I have left and can spend them the way I want. Do the things I have wanted to do etc. etc…And sure because, Id be less scared. I will know when I am going 🙂

  5. The term 'death' scares me to death! :DHavent watched the movie… but seems to be a meaningful one…May his soul rest in peace…

  6. @Kamal: Your father is so right!! Thanks for visiting,hope to see you often :)@Antarman: Oh haven't checked the movie..what's the name ? @Titaxy: Oh sweety, don't think on those lines..I just got philosophical and it's a moment..I know you have just dealt with a friends's departure and I understand what it means ! *HUGS*@G: That's a great thought-Thankful and Sure !!Sweetie,where is the vacation update ?? @EC:Umm I know it's a scary word..but the idea is to take it positively so that it releases the tension…that's what is in our hands and nothing else 😦 You must see the movie..it's good..nice..perfect actually !Thanks for the wishes,I'm sure uncle read this too !

  7. heart touching post lady…nothing can replace our beloved ones…nothing, its just their great memories that carry us thru

  8. Hey. Thanks for ur wonderful comment. U are right. I am forging so many wonderful friendships via these blogs and we don't know a thing abt each other. 😀 But we are there to give each other those gentle nudges that we so need. I try not to think too hard abt death. If I were to go now, The only person who I would have difficulty in letting go, will be my daughter!

  9. Have you seen the movie 'If Only'? It's also on death but the hero learns to value the importance of his girlfriend after he learns he's about to die.

  10. I have not seen this movie, though have seen Rubaroo, a bollywood flick in which the hero has a dream of the next day's events that ends with the heroine's death. It really shook me. I dont know how would I take it if I were to know that I'll die in so & so time. I might just make my life and of those around me hell (being the kind of person that I am!). On a serious note, I have a very close friend who is undergoing chemotherapy and when I see the zeal and enthu in her for life, I am inspired and not to mention, ashamed. So many times we take so many minutes, hours and days for granted, cribbing and sulking, while there are others who know that they don't have even many of those left!A though-provoking and nice post 🙂

  11. @Rush: Thanks Rush  Indeed it is heart touching…it is about my uncle!@Ranju: Yeah, that’s a true expression…I might also not be relaxed to know about my death!@Athivas: Oh why your comment is not here? Post it again na sweetie  What about your FIR ? LOL@Butterfly: I’m glad I could make sense to you !@G: Hope your ‘soon’ comes really soon ;)@Meira: Oh I haven’t but I will watch it now… Sure must be a good thing as per your description  @Neha : Oh I haven’t seen ‘rubaroo’.. will see that one.. Yes we should always be cheerful and spread the happiness…death or no death ! Sad to know about your friend but I’m glad as well about her attitude ! Such is life @Phatichar: Oh dear I’m so sorry for hearing that! I know you can understand what I wanted to say in my post !

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