The LIST of must-haves !

I had written a post Ma please hunt a groom for me few months back. And now here I’m wanting to extend that post with another real life conversation… All you unmarrieds please read carefully, I might be echoing your thoughts ! 🙂 It’s a conversation between me and my cousin sistah ! Since she has almost finished her MBA and is ready to seize the world..there are talks about her marriage started in our family,like it happens in other families when a girl is all done with her education and is 23 years old ! 
Here is how the conversation went between us:

Me: Hey dear, hows life ?

N:   Great going, hows yours ?

Me: Good ! 

N:   I have been reading your blog quiet regularly.. but only when I go home…in the college it is blocked 😦

Me: (upset about the fact that many people can’t read my blog since it is blocked at the college or offices 😛) Oh.. is it.. 😦

N:   Yeah 😦  Anyways, hey I liked your post regarding jeej !

Me: Oh which one you are talking about ?

N:   The one in which you have mentioned about a little girl going to her daddy for help…etc…

Me: Oh that one… Between jobs and 8 days ?

N:   Yes, right!!

Me: Hmmmmmmm

N:   I have added that point in my list.

Me: Which list ? :0

N:   The list of what all should a husband possess !

Ahh.. so that was it..It left me with lot of questions in my mind… About the arranged marriage,relationships-to-be and the wants and desires of an individual from a would-be partner..How perfectly can you create a list of ‘should-haves’ when you get onto hunting a groom / bride ? What all goes into your mind while creating this list ? Is it complex or easy to define what all you expect ? Is it a sure way to get that Mr / Ms Right ? Is it important to score 100% marks on the list or an average passing is allowed ? Is this list also suitable for those who are looking for GFs / BFs ? Does it not depend a lot on your destiny as to whom you land up with for rest of your life ? 

So what exactly is this LIST about ?? 
Is it:L-Look..I-I’m…S-Still..T-Thinking about more points to add !!! 
Well, I may be limp at my basics…what’s your take ? 


8 thoughts on “The LIST of must-haves !

  1. Hehe…I definitely have some 'should haves' on my list which is what makes it difficult for me to find guys that meet my standards. I think though that it's based on the value system each person has. For instance, in my case, a guy with a degree or postgrad is imp because it indicates value for education which I have. Similarly a guy who wants a partnership. And a number of other must-haves! 😛

  2. rofl at Look I' Still Thinking ___ :-)but yeah….as much as i don't like the topic of marriage :D….i do have a certain things that i see as a must have on someone i might end up marrying…just can't think of any right now.. 😀

  3. @PB: I totally agree with you on education part..It's a must for any human being since it gives direction to your thinking and life-which makes a lot of difference !@Titaxy: Yeah, it clicked just like that..LIST…hehehe 🙂 Hmm..I know how you detest the M word !! 🙂

  4. I would say it is scary to make a list like that. You might not find many people to fit that bill and then you end up disappointed with life! Tell her to tear the list and get real.

  5. @Butterfly: Absolutely right.. that's what I mentioned..we are all destined with certain things in life and that's what we get at the end of everything 🙂 I'll sure pass your advice to her :)@Swaru: LOL !

  6. I think I'm lucky to have chosen my life partner. I've seen my parents go bonkers looking for someone who'd spend his life with their crazy daughter! But I guess we should just let love happen and not look for all the *perfectnesses*.

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