She and Him-The Untidy Closure !!

It is a huge space with lot of colors and lights and fresh air. Lot of brightness and chirpy-ness within. The walls are magnificent and welcoming. The ambiance is so warm and cosy that any one would like to go there again and again..The music is soothing and calm.. so it is a space where any one would find solace in totality and any one would want to own such a place.. don’t you just feel like getting there right now,as it is ? Me too !

This place is owned by him. And he is so happy to have had this place since his birth. He enjoyed it thoroughly and totally ! Till the time something happened… it was something which appeared very normal but was a misfit… he realized it and wanted to protest..but could not..because it was too late..the wrong had happened..and he was able to see his place being intruded and being taken away from him.. he wanted to save his place..he tried a lot but all in vain.. slowly and steadily all windows were closed by one all lights were switched off…all the music was put to mute…the color worn out and darkened into one single black…and it was done by none other than himself ! He had no choice but do it… He became so mechanical…he named it being ROBOTIC !! Like everything was programmed in his memory and he was only supposed to do what was instructed…no wishes of his own, no claims and no dreams !

The place mentioned above is nothing but his “heart”… so pure and carefree..full of love and cheer…he gets married to a girl who is ultra opposite to him and their paths despite of being different are bounded together… he takes it as a compromise and closes his heart forever..and resorts to being mechanical !


15 thoughts on “She and Him-The Untidy Closure !!

  1. humm..interesting. On second thoughts life becomes so much vibrant when someone you love brings on different shades. those missing from your spectrum. Tell him that. 😀

  2. It really does sound sad. But sometimes we have to make choices. For our happiness and most probably for the other person too. If it is a parasite-host kinda relationship, the parasite will always behave as though she/he are being dealt with unreasonably. It works for them. But if otherwise, the other person will too be in peace if they separate.

  3. @Titaxy: Thanks buds :)@BM: thanks ! Yeah, that’s true but this happens only when there is some gelling between the two souls 🙂 But yes, will pass on your suggestion to the fiction hero ;P@Antarman: Yeah sadly it’s a reality ! Trust me, I’m sad too to have created a sad character…but it just came to my ‘story-mind’ and I spilled it !@Athivas: Hey thanks Savi ! :)@Butterfly: Yeah it does sound sad but real too! Separation? Hmm.. Could be thought of but I guess it’s not that easy in the society that we dwell in, no? And sometimes there are other parameters for which you can’t resort to this option!@AJCL: Thanks you so much :)@Swaru: Yeah darling they do but there has to be some linking point to let these people enjoy their differences… what with no wavelength matching and all ?

  4. You are talking about u?? Shoot! I thought it was some random neighbor. Come on. Why does he have to close his heart? So what if u are different from each other. But I kinda know that men react very differently. If only you are blocking your path to happiness, you go ahead and make that change. for Yourself. and then let it reflect on those around you.A nice big hug to you. I can imagine that u are in a difficult place now.

  5. @Butterfly: hey no, you got me wrong..The piece I wrote is total fiction and what I meant in my comment is I could not give that turn to the story keeping in mind the society that we dwell in…thats how..get it ?But anyways, I'm glad that people like think for others even without any meeting and knowing 🙂 You are a good human,surely !

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