A bit that I want from you….

This post is of and for Blog Action Day 2009

Blog Action Day is an annual event held every October 15 that unites the world’s bloggers in posting about the same issue on the same day with the aim of sparking discussion around an issue of global importance.

Okay, no I’m not going to give any lecture on ‘how to’ and ‘why to’ of the lists that every now and then we get to read and hear but we very conveniently ignore that unless it hits us or our family members in some or the other way. So be it ! But there are very few things that I would like to express through my blog here..It will take just a little time of yours…I know you all are in a hurry to go out and play with fire-crackers..[read: add to the pollution] !!! 

Just think, what if:

You own a landline number or a mobile number since ages[almost a decade,say] and suddenly there is a problem with it and you have to change it. Think about all the trauma you will go through of memorizing and announcing your new number and all that…

Your favorite [read: you love it to death] dress / shirt / tee is torn out…..

You own a room in the house totally and you are now asked to share that room with one of your cousins,with whom you are not that pally, who is going to stay for a year with your family…

You have a pet dog and it leaves you one fine day on it’s own..of course it was very very close to you !

These are nothing but the changes in your environments and your life style and things you are used to doing for a long time.. If these tiny things like sharing a room and feeling intruded,loosing a pet animal or even changing the phone number can cause a saddening effect on us then let’s think a bit big and beyond.. 

What happens to the earth-the planet which is our second home after our bricks and walls house-is intruded by diseases and climate change ?

What happens to the nature and the beauty of it when it is being spoiled by harmful emissions and the pollution that we humans are creating.. 

The holiday spots that we so crave for the entire year…what happens to them when we ourselves behave irresponsibly and create dirt spots in and around them 

Any bells rang ? Or no ? Well, I think I’m no one to tell you what to do next and what’s happening to our environment in which we breath..and are alive ! If you really wish to go further and know and understand more about the Climate Change.. please click on this and this and may be you can Google it too !

What I want from you ? Nothing much you see.. a bit of understanding and a bit of your contribution that’s it ! Let’s first get a feeling that we own this earth and that we so much belong to it..then I guess automatically we will strive to keep it intact… Cause unless we love a tee-shirt we are not ready to easily die for it, isn’t it ?Let’s start with this Diwali…great idea na ?

Have a Happy,Safe and Cracker less Diwali !!!


17 thoughts on “A bit that I want from you….

  1. blog action day…everyone is celebrating. great, i guess we need more awareness amongst readers..things we take for granted, a little care and can make so much of a difference.i totally agree with the parks being littered by people…we love it so much, that we pay and enter..but our responsibility doesnt end after paying..we need to equally take care!!

  2. Excellent post Nu!We all know about it, we all understand it well. But when it comes to behaving sensibly and taking the responsibility we feel safer pointing fingers at others. I loved your presentation and the way you related things we love and never want to see gone/lost to our blue planet.Cheers!!

  3. Nice post! While I'm still a bit of a sceptic about the whole global warming thing, I definitely think pollution needs to be curbed even it's just for a healthier life! I stopped bursting crackers since I was in the 8th (about 13 years old) because of pollution. I figured at least one person can do something. (Plus I saved a lot of money for the family as my sis agreed with me too!) πŸ˜› Let's hope more people take on your message. Bursting crackers is as good as burning money and is costlier for the environment for sure!

  4. Nice one Nu. Have a joyful Diwali. :)@PB: Why skeptical about global warming? Is there something that I am not aware of? Just wanting to increase my general knowledge, nothing else.

  5. @ G: I don't understand how everything is blamed on global warming. I can understand the glaciers melting because of global warming. But then these 'experts' go on and say it's too cold because it's global warming. It's raining too much because it's global warming. It's too windy because of global warming. I admit I have to read a bit more on it (hence just a sceptic and not an outright non-believer) but I find it hard to fathom how everything can be blamed on global warming. On the bright side though, at least it's making people conscious of the pollution levels if nothing else!

  6. To All: Thanks and I'm sure you all had a happy,safe and Cracker free Diwali..Now guys let's get back to blogging, rite ? πŸ™‚

  7. @Titaxy and PB: Thanks for asking sweeties… Just got stuck up in Diwali celebrations πŸ™‚ Will be back shortly with zing πŸ˜‰

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