Morning Walk Theory:PLC-It’s everywhere !

Everything & Everyone has a life cycle…a definite cycle.Agree ? Most of you must be aware of the PLC[Product Life Cycle]. As we are taught in the MBA course.. every product goes through a life cycle. So this product could range from anything like a consumer product to the human being to the movies to the books to TV serials to relationships to fashion etc. So does blogging keeps itself on a separate track from the PLC ? My view: No. When it is said everything it means everything under this sky,no? Okay lets check the PLC graph…. Here is how the life cycle is depicted in a graph:

(When I was searching for a picture of PLC I came acorss this blogger who has blogged abt it in year 2007.I’m using the same image though for different purpose)

They say, in Marketing, that once your product reaches the decline phase it is in your hands either to re-start with a new product or revamp the same product and re-launch it or both ! 

So, I think right now my ‘RANDOMNESS’ is in the phase somewhere between growth and maturity. Thankfully not yet in the decline phase 🙂 What do you think, where does your blog stand today ?

17 thoughts on “Morning Walk Theory:PLC-It’s everywhere !

  1. My blodg is a voice of my heart, so it will continue in the same way as my heart keeps the beating:) decline, no maturity..just running:)

  2. I'm hoping like yours, it's in the growth and maturity stage. By the way, what does PLC stand for? Is it product life cycle?? Just never heard of it before… 🙂

  3. Frankly I have no clue;-o……but now tht u asked ……sometimes I think I'll just wind it up….other times its my mainstay:-))

  4. Mmmm… Interesting! :)I would say one step above growth and one step below maturity :p;) ;)You and maturity??!!!?? Naaa… u will still remain my bubbly and cutie pie Nunu! 🙂

  5. Antarman: I liked your answer very much! But there are ups and downs and everything goes through it… so do we Suree: Aww !! It will soon gain the popularity , Im sure !Swaru: So what’s your status eh ?Phatichar: Hahaha.. Yeh kya haal bana rakkha hai? kuch lete kyon nahi ? PB: YAY !! Same pinches..Yeah PLC you guessed right…and I have updated in the blog as well..thanks for pointing it !Reflections: Oh don’t wind up… we like reading your reflections.. Yeah the header is so inspiring…it feels fresh and like a real sunrise !EC: Same pinch on blog status ! And heheheh bubbly and cutie pie ?….cho chweet ! thankuuuuu..i felt pampered …G: That’s the actual state I think.. randomly ranging from one to all stages ..juts like Nu’s Randomness ….Ersa: Don’t ever say that it will go to decline stage..I’m sure you will revamp it and present it to your faithful me !!! YAY !

  6. I try not to think too hard about these things! 😀 I enjoy blogging and hopefully I won't stop. When u find urself heading towards decline, just climb back! 😀 Ha Ha!

  7. Mine is in the 'Introduction' stage. It has just started getting noticed by a handful of bloggers, I hope it grows well.That was a good post. Made me give my blog a second look to assess it's stage of development. Still a long way to go :)Cheers!!

  8. mine looks stagnant…but trust me, im taking my life to a new level and so is Memoirs.U better keep us updated on wats on here lady!!i feel u r growing ur own way with the blogs…see great expressions and sharing, that urge to fly high!!

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