Mind’s Eye !

Do you remember the story long after you have watched the movie or read a book ? And how long do you remember that and what are the reasons you remember or recall the entire plot on a tiny mention about it ?

I was asked this by a blogger friend Rush about me remembering her post written quiet some time back. Well, the simple answer to this question,by me, is that I remember things which appeal,or have a great idea within, or memories-sad and happy attached to it, or a hilarious stuff related or I simply love the person or the author or the actor or even the place..ya !

There is one friend who keeps telling me that he does not have a huge memory disk, like most of us have, and specially pointing to me that I have a blight of remembering tiniest details of the past when I should skip remembering few of the things which make me sad at times.

I tell him that I take this as an absolution because I like remembering things from the past-good,bad and ugly..all of it since it is all mine and related to me…

I should always remember If someone has done good to me, I should never forget the bad times I have been through-to be prepared and be happy in the future, and I should always try to never forget the ugly times that I might have made others to go through or I have faced..Cause it will make me wiser every time I will remember and will hold me back from repeating my own mistakes and by protesting if others are being mean to me !

I have always felt that-memories take different shape every time we think about something…It gives us different meaning out of the same story or the episode…
So is it the memories which are subsisting or the human mind which gives these memories a different meaning every time…!!


8 thoughts on “Mind’s Eye !

  1. Nice one…yeah I find that I remember significant events or significant books. Re books and movies, I think I tend to remember those that have a great impact on me. So too with blog posts that I read. And there was a time when I would remmeber all the negatives from my past but I have moved on now to not let those petty things get to me. Doesn't mean I don't remember anything negative…just that I have let go of some of the minute ones.

  2. Yes, I have lived with characters of book, for quite sometime, after reading. Its not with memories alone,Nu.Sometimes, I read a prose.It gives me a meeaning, then I re-read.It gives me a new dimension. Its all in our perception,I think!!

  3. U r abs rt! We need to remember the gud things and also learn lessons from the wrong ones so that we are better prepared to handle them the next time arnd!

  4. i remember what makes an impact on me..true…memories are there of all good or bad events, but then of the bad events i take out only the lesson i've learned…i don't bring back bad memories to sit down and whine about…

  5. I do remember quiet a lot of stuff. To the point of remembering the color of the hair pin the girl in the coffee shop wore years ago 😉

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