The Blame Game !

What do you mean by being fortunate ? or for that matter unfortunate ? Isn’t it the English word that we use at our convenience and our current status? Is it permanent ? Umm.. well I think no,the way our state is not…

Was just chatting with a close friend who has been a former colleague as well. She is really depressed and sad today and you won’t believe she is most of the times  always the one who is on the maturity side [though she is an year younger to me] and keep telling me about positivity and optimistic point of view ! And today was one of those rare days when I had to counsel her. And I think I was not that bad at counselling her and make her think in the right direction…haha not boasting !

Well coming to the fortunate and unfortunate point. While I was chatting with this friend I realized and noted few things that I would like to share here.

* We are very convenient in tagging ourselves fortunate and unfortunate-whereas we should always consider ourselves fortunate since we are not deaf,dumb,blind or handicapped. God has been kind to us and our parents too !

*We usually blame the destiny and / or people for our bad state-whereas we should always analyse where did we ourselves go wrong in addition to the people and destiny !

*When we are on this side of the state that is happy or normal we talk like saints-whereas in all states it’s necessary for us to be calm and relaxed and sit and think how could the problem be tackled.

*We shout and scream and blabber and cry-all of it for one sad reason-whereas we should think that by doing all this we are making our family and friends loose temper or feel sad about our state !

*We often expect others to understand us and give time to sink in the bad / sad news-whereas when others are in the sad state we expect them to just let it go and start enjoying with them-like ‘take a chill pill’ and all that !

*Many a time we are aware that our situation is bad because of our own deeds / mistakes / wrong steps but we still want to put it on others-whereas we should be able to take the onus of our own mistakes !

*We always see one way-whereas there is always another point of view to the story which we omit because we are in no mood to listen or understand others.

*Blah Blah Blah

Okay now after all this bhashan I know at the end of it we all are human beings and there is only an inch that we can change in ourselves per if this year you have already made some change to your mood,attitude and behavior, there is a remote chance that you are ready for another change ! So keep any of these above for the next year may be… 😉 Oh that kind of rings  the bell of the R word ???

RESOLUTIONS???? eh ? The same time of the year nearing…just about to hit us,right ? How about really taking some resolutions and sticking to them at least a semester ?

One of the apt songs for this post, Enjoy 🙂


13 thoughts on “The Blame Game !

  1. why only one change per year, Nu? i say if it's gonna make you a better person, then change must be happening on a continuous basis :p…so let's start now instead of waiting for the year to end to make resolutions

  2. Nice one! I agree with you in that all of us here in blogosphere are fortunate. Why? For all that you said plus we have a roof over our head and a bed to sleep in and food to eat. Aren't we definitely more fortunate than the homeless people out there who have to struggle to keep warm on winter nights and rummage through bins for food??? And re blaming, I had a client this week who is blaming God for all that happened to her over the years. Sigh. I'm going to have such a tough time challenging her way of thinking. It's so easy to blame others than take responsibility for our actions don't you reckon? And that's how people slip into it I think.

  3. Good is human nature to try to put the blame of everything on others, but if instead we try to do some introspection, many problems will be solved.

  4. My resolutions:dec 2002 : i would lose 5 kgs…..i gained 5dec 2003 : i got a bit bolder and decided tat i wud get lean and fit…..i was successful in achieving MRF tyres.dec 2004 : I wud crack my engineering exams…. i landed up with a KT.dec 2006: No resolutions.From then on I lived happily ever!! 🙂

  5. If we keep those who have less than us in mind we will perhaps be complaining less… We had a teacher who used to say, "…the day you are old enough to say your parents are responsible for the way you have become (too shy, over-confident, arrogant, spoilt etc) that day you are old enough to find solutions to the problems yourself!"I think that applies to all those who blame others for their misfortune. I mean only generally… and I also agree with you that complaining never helps, thinking up solutions does.

  6. I'm glad you have a friend like her, Nu.Sometimes we bring out our positive side when we're with our friends and realise that amongst all our pessimism and whining, we have a pot of positivity within ourselves.Cheers to you and your pal!

  7. Nice post. U are right about all that u wrote. And yes, after all we are human and can react to a given situation in the way we feel at that given moment in time. Very rarely do I take time to react. If I had a tough day, I might to react to something really silly with a great deal of emotion. When I analyse the situation later, I would think that my reaction was a bit over the top.But i am not in favour of the use of word 'unfortunate' either. nice post

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