That ONE thing……

These days since I’m at home [read:on a break] and I have loads and tons of time, besides looking after the house,pampering the husband and cooking, I indulge in scrabble playing on Chehra Kitaab. [ oh why hindi version ? Didn’t you hear that Shamita Shetty has been punished for not talking in hindi on the sets of Bigg Boss-3?? 😉 LOL]

Okay so back to the topic…ya so since I’m into too much scrabble and all other activities except-farmville [it’s really a mad world out there, I’m telling you-sorry for I might be hurting your sentiments attached to it ] I came across this activity called Social Interview. The point is every day the application asks you 16 questions about your friends on the contact list and you yourself. So today when I was answering the questions the one question that came to me was this

“What is the one thing you are grateful for?”

 And there I was, became embedded. Though the application is just a time pass and not more than that but notice the gravity of the question. I really kept thinking about that one thing…I’m grateful for many things in my life and will continue to be for other things which would come into my life in future…but if I’m asked what is that ONE thing…I’m really clueless…how do you decide that ? How do you weigh the options ? How do you feel the most grateful for that one time ?

So,yes I’m asking you here.. what’s your answer ?


15 thoughts on “That ONE thing……

  1. Thing is it??Can i include name, place , animal too??then i would say "anil"…im really grateful that he custom made "anil" especilally for "moi"

  2. the answer to that changes every now and then…at this moment i might be grateful for a thing or person but then the next minute that might change :D…so yea as you said, there's not just one right ans to it…v difficult :Dam i first?

  3. Like you, I'm grateful for soooo many things. But if I had to narrow it down to ONE thing, I'd say this: MY LIFE! 🙂

  4. Ha..ha..ha.. I was confused at Chehra Kitaab for sometime without translating it. There are so many things, Nu. For now I am just overjoyed at being a mother and a child at the same time. The things that I didn't like as a child, I now enjoy it with my little one. I am happy that I am healthy. Health is the most important thing, I believe.

  5. ROFL 😆 @ Chehra Kitaab 😉 ;)Rt nw at this moment, I wud be grateful that I am in this world @ the time when the maestro Rahman exists he he he 😛 I hv still not got over the concert 😉 😉

  6. Ha ha! I was about to google Chehra Kitaab!!! 😀 I love scrabble too but I am really petrified of getting addicted to games. 😀 I am grateful for my good friends who kept my sanity thru my tough childhood!

  7. @Rush: Oh sweetie 🙂 That’s nice of you…I think Anil and you are both lucky 🙂 Touchwood !@Titaxy: Right, it changes all the time ! Aww are second :(@BM: LOL@Soin: Very truly said !@PB: Correct, 100%@Sols: LOL ! I’m so glad for that..motherhood indeed is an experience out of this world, na ? Yeah, right ! Health is wealth !@Mahmud: :)@Swaru: Yeah,LOL ! Yeah, you seemed to have a great great time…I must say I missed it :(@Suree: Okies :)@Butterfly: Heheheh ! Google for this one wouldn’t have an answer..isn’t it ? Let’s try ! That’s nice..Having good friends always counts !@Titaxy: Thankuuuuuuuuuu ! These are Manali pictures.@MD: Yeah, I’m too much hooked this season…I make sure I’m not missing even a single bit LOL

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