JLT Post

Saw the new look ? Oh now don’t tell me that I anyways keep changing the look every now and then ! Okay now how’s the look ? How are the pictures on the head…err…I mean the header 🙂 Cool na ? Nice na ? I knew it !!! Hehehehe…

Okay now this is the first time that I’m asking about the new looks of the blog and all that,right ? Well, so what’s the reason behind this ‘feedback’ session ? Nothing much…Umm..okay here it is:

1. The pictures are clicked by me at Manali and hence I’m proud of these pictures,really !
2. These remind me of our great holiday spent at Manali,basically snow !
3. These pictures really motivate me to go on another holiday-which means hubby really keeps me off from looking at these every month 😉

So by putting these pictures here on the blog has elated me and the expressions are coming in the form of writing yet another post-a ‘Just Like That’ post ðŸ™‚ 

I hope you enjoyed looking at the beautiful skies and the white cottony snow ! And thanks in advance for the compliments on the pictures ðŸ˜‰ 


16 thoughts on “JLT Post

  1. I like the header…how did you do it that way though? Y'know…join some pics together and get the right size and everything?? (Technologically challenged here…) Anyway, the pix are awesome! Esp given that I haven't yet seen snow. In terms of the template though…not a fan of the original blogger templates apart from minima black.

  2. All you young girls keep making their headers so beautiful, I am also going to learn this:)The pictures are very good , is there so much of snow?

  3. @PB: Tnx :)Heres how:1. Made the collage in picasa and saved on the comp.2. Clicked on 'layout' option on blogger-it took me to page elements of the blog.3. Clicked on 'Header'- it opened a window with options of putting the headline of the blog,putting the header image.4. I clicked on upload image from computer.5. Selected the image to be uploaded.6. There are 3 more options under the 'upload the image' which are: A) Use image instead of the blog headlineB) Bring back to the blog headlineC) Shrink to fit.7. So I selected option B and C.8. Save and check your blog home page.It also depends how your blog template is…like this one of mine is a bit narrow so I had to choose the shrink to fit option. Otherwise for example G's template this option is not required cause her's is a stretched template…got it ?I chose this one to suit my pic collage..I think it's going with the colors.. right ?

  4. The pictures are mindblowing Nu. And I am jealous of you because right now my header is looking funny. :(Your pictures reminded me of my Deotibba trek last year and made me wanna go there again!! 😦

  5. I can feel the chilly air….Yes, me very fascinated with snow maybe because I havn't been in it until now…I'll come here everytime I feel the need to chill out!!

  6. Trust me Nupur…. awesome photos… so is beautiful header….My heart is trembling when I am looking on those white white snowy header… prompting me to dream that one day I will go to some place like that :(Thanks for the sweet change of header…and of course, nice photography from your part…so, from me– lots of thanks to you dear 🙂

  7. Nu, the clicks are awesome…and guess what, we are going to manali next month 😀 its gonna be either manali or kerala…so if it is manali, then I will consult u 🙂

  8. @G: Thank you G, liked them hai na ? Oh now your header is fine,isn’t it ? Where is this Deotibba ? Sounds interesting ..@PnA: You haven’t been near snow or to Manali ? You are most welcome to visit this blog whenever you feel like, feel at home :)@Mahmud: Thanks ! That was a very nice comment :)@Suree: Reeally ? Thanks !@Swaru: Let’s go together :)@PB: Oh yeah ! What does my bad mean ? @Neha: Sure girl ! So decided where to head ?

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