Morning Walk Theory-Importance of TRYing

Did you know this TRYING means something else from our positive word TRY ? Ok, now don’t google it and read on… and if you knew it already,good 😉 !!

Try-verb-means:To attempt to do our accomplish.
Trying-noun-means:extremely annoying, difficult, or the like; straining one’s patience and goodwill to the limit

I’m talking here about the TRY.Like in these cases:Someone who TRIES to

*Mediate and dilute the strained relationships
*Gives up on one’s ego and take that first step ahead.
*Move that leg, which was plastered for a while now.
*Overcome a pain the injury is causing.
*Forget the past and move on.
*Study hard and attain the 1st rank.
*Make that little one smile when he is so upset about loosing his toy.
*Sleep even after those mosquitoes doing rounds all over the body !
*Keep a control on chocolates and other calorific monsters.
*Keep the home tidy.
*Keep her kids happy even with handful of money in the kitty.
*Keep going even after that will power is about to diminish.
*Keep fighting till the end of the game no matter even if the defeat is evident. 
*Keep working hard to achieve that promotion this time.
*Convince his girl friend that how genuine his reason is, to leave her.
*To stay away from blogger and face book at least 2 hours a day,if not 3 !
*Stay awake to keep company to the brother who is studying for an exam.
*Stay away from people for he doesn’t like to be questioned or denied !
*Prove himself right even when all the proofs are against him.
*Stop her tears when she doesn’t want her son to see her crying like this.
*Hold themselves together when they bid good bye their daughter after her wedding.
*Remain rooted even after all the fame and money is coming in.
*Pull oneself out of the dark hole when a loved one is lost.

There are many such incidences which keep happening to all of us in this world..and every one of us keeps trying to achieve the best for ourselves and our loved ones. People are wished good luck and are prayed for when they are going on a huge assignment or taking up a task or playing a game or are going through a tough time… but at the end of it and at the start of it too..what matters is they TRY for themselves!

That one bit of push and will power matters a lot and pays till the end ! Don’t ever forget to TRY !! ‘Cause even if you fail at the end,you will always feel good for one thing-that you tried ! That’s the satisfaction…and motivation to re-attempt..that’s why they say 
“Try Try till you gain” OR “Try Try but don’t cry”


5 thoughts on “Morning Walk Theory-Importance of TRYing

  1. Ah I remember the whole 'try, try, try until you succeed' The whole thing about trying and effort…I try and encourage parents to praise their kids for at least trying or putting in the effort rather than say, the outcomes in tests or exams…

  2. Right, and specially these days parents are required to co-operate kids and not pressurize them to score more to beat the neighbor's competition !

  3. @G: No re.. morning walks never stress me…it's really refreshing and this thought adrenaline flows simply into that exercising brain 🙂

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