R and D

Experiments !! Don’t they excite you ? I just love experimenting…and I think people who need and love change do indulge in experimentation…Like I do with things such as-looks,hair cut,clothes,crafts and now that I have time on my hand…I experiment in cooking ! 

As it is I love cooking…and I believe more than what ingredients and recipes do to the food, the love and dedication that you put in while cooking makes it delicious!! So all the more reasons I’m happy while cooking and that does good to me [for,I get praise] and H [for he is happy to have a wife who cooks deliciously,Heheheh…]  

Well, when it comes to experimenting I obviously have a ready made ‘cavia porcellus’ at home 🙂 My dearest H ! And he, very happily plays that role 🙂 Oh yes, that means that I cook well…Yeah, 99% of the times I experiment [that is not trying new recipes but applying my own creativity to the existing ones or developing new ones altogether], I’m successful ! Looking at this rate you can relax that H is safe and sound and merry 🙂 

So, since yesterday I was on an experimenting spree. Yesterday for dinner I made palak rice [the dish is not new but the way I made it was experimental] Heres how it looked before it made way into our stomachs..There is some curd splashed and the coriander for the deco 🙂

And today for lunch I cooked the Daal differently with the Drumsticks vegetable 🙂 Heres how it looked before we did attack at it 🙂

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Both the dishes came out well and I could not stop myself from posting it here. It is so much compulsory for me to share because by sharing the tinniest joy with you all, gives a high feeling buddies 🙂 

What am I cooking tonite ?  Hahaha.. will let you know in next post,ya ?

15 thoughts on “R and D

  1. @Doli: Welcome here..actually no..You are already a part of my blog 🙂 Cause you have been reading it for quiet sometime now,thanks ! Will email you the recipes..I liked your book blog very much..I'm hooked cause am i book lover too 🙂

  2. @PnA: Thanks and it tasted yummy too 🙂 Come home sometime :)@T: Yeah me too love palak and drumsticks very much !Same pinch :))

  3. i badly want the recipes too..please please.and wats with the template?? i liked the previous one…me not like this…i liked the one with the feet and all…please or something new!!

  4. @Rush: Oops !! You didn't like these pictures ? Aww..these are so beautiful ! Umm..okay let me keep them for a while and then I'll change it something your types,happy ? Good gurl !! Labbbu 🙂 hehehehe..Did you check the post ?? No na ? 😦

  5. Oh…will be interested in knowing the recipe for the palak rice. I like drumsticks but have only had it in sambhar…and don't think we get it here anyway!

  6. Experimenting in various things is really a good thing to do…what if your experiment goes wrong ?????Did that ever happen to u ?

  7. the love and dedication that you put in while cooking makes it delicious!..me too frimly believe in this, and I love the people who love to cook…..food is never the same if not cooked by yourself:)Both the dishes Look yummy:)..my family just loves Palak, and we eat everything..palak parantha, palak daal, palak curry and dry palaK:)

  8. ah the food looks awesome…as I read other comments, it seems the recipes are already gone to others, so why don't you send me the food directly when u cook it next?

  9. It looks delicious! I envy H:P I dislike cooking…so it's going to take me eons before I step into the kitchen willingly 😀

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