Sometimes you commit something and later you realize that you were never supposed to do that. That you will not be happy doing it. That the results might not be as expected since you will not put your heart & soul into it ! But what now ? The damage has been done.The commitment made and now you have no choice but stand by your words and do it ! HELPLESSNESS !

There are so many people around you and they keep annoying you with their stupid queries. You have answered them not once, not twice but a hundred times. What if they keep coming back to you for the same thing ? And no,they are not innocent or naive. They are smart and know how to put someone in trouble. But they are related to you in such a way, you can’t avoid them or answer them back or back bite them. The damage is done. You are into a relationship with them and can’t unwind ! HELPLESSNESS !

You love someone with all your heart. You plan so many things for future. You are ready to put your family and the respect on stake for that love ! You are ready to take chance and jump into and unknown territory. You are all set and fought with your own people,to go ahead. And suddenly,you realize that the person you were doing all this has turned his back on you ! You go on your knees and plead but he is not willing to listen to you and the reason he is not willing to go ahead with the plans is,his family ! Ahhh,it hurt ! The damage is done.You left everything behind and he is left you only behind ! HELPLESSNESS !


this is all is not a piece fiction or output of my usually wandering mind, but true life stories that I have heard and noticed taking place with my close ones. I have been thinking what do these people go through when they face these situations ? I’m clueless because I have not tasted this pain and helplessness. Specially the third case in point. It’s about a close friend. But thankfully after 3 years of this trauma, she is married to a very nice human being and settled and HAPPY ! 


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  1. My personal view….In the first commitment is v.imp to me and I will put in my hundred percent, whether I like it or not.In the second, I will frame some diplomatic answers and repeat the same every time.In the third, your friend is better off now, as marriage without the assent of Boy's parent is extremely difficult to survive, most of the time ending in a divorce.

  2. Problems… problems… you fell me down to even more problems :((i just can't cope such situation other than being escapist…..

  3. yeah…im glad i havent faced a dicey situation like that…but yeah, time will always show up something cruel and we have to face it, like it or not!!

  4. Ah! It seems you described my life in this post. Have gone through all the three situations at one point in my life. well not exactly the same but similar. It's so easy for others to dismiss the suffering of others by telling that they are better off without the a-hole or not to stress about people around them or give something your 100% no matter what but unless you have been in such a situation, you can't understand the pain.But I do believe that all the pain and suffering ends eventually and usually you end up gaining a new perspective about life…

  5. I know exactly how it feels to be in either of the three mentioned situations…commitments, well, you make them, then repent, but you have to fulfill them, no matter what it takes! (That's me! 😦 )Relatives…the lesser said the better…Thank God, we get to choose our friends!Betrayal…well, you learn and move on (I have!). Love the person with all your being, but don't make him the sole reason for your existence. And if this person does not have the guts or the enthu to stand up to be with you, you are better off without him/her. It hurts initially, but later, when you look back, you know it was for your good….you need to accept this and move on and not close your heart and mind to people and love. Trust Him, he knows what's best 🙂 (Read my jan & Feb posts…you'll know what it took for me to get over this kinda situation)Well written and expressed perfectly 🙂

  6. @Antarman: Yeah, I think that’s the right way to deal with the issues…and for my friend..yeah I’m glad she is better off now !@Ani: Ohh 😦 Yeah the dishes really turned out well !@Mahmud: Oh what exactly does your comment mean, didn’t get it !@Titaxy: Yeah really good for her !@Rush: Good for you that you haven’t faced such situation yet..And I wish you never get to face these or the likes :)@Richa: Oh dear ! I liked and agreed your last line … these situations and the like leave us more mature and increases our tolerance level !@Neha: 😦 Oh sweetie I’m really sad to know this..but the best part is you are out of it and happy and beaming 🙂 That’s life ! nice thought there 🙂

  7. Wow Nu, those really are tough situations to be in. It really is difficult to do this but worth a try: Think one solution thru and thru and act. Face the consequences, no matter what. It really is surprising what u can endure, once u have made up ur mind!

  8. Hey first time here…Nice post…First and third situations have not happened to me but I am living through the second one…sigh…HELPLESSNESS indeed

  9. @Butterfly: Thanks lady..As i mentioned in the post these are all real life situation mentioned here.. taken from friends and family…Yeah they have gone through these and have come out as a strong person but with bruises on heart 😦 Happens…@Celestialrays: Warm Welocme 🙂 Come over again ! Good luck for you to face the situation !

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