She and Him-Love is blind !

Awni was talking to him on phone. They had the longest courtship period,at least in their circle. They seldom met on weekends due to hectic work schedules. Destiny though had plans to bring them together for a life time but not that easily. They had to spend 1 year apart from each other before they could tie the nuptial knot ! So days passed by and they were together virtually ! Highly dependent on telephone and internet. Slowly and gradually they started knowing each other well.Most of the times they didn’t see each other but were talking endlessly..sometimes as long as the moon was up in the sky…as long as the cool breeze let them just be.. as long as they were not disturbed by someone at the door..they were so much in love with each other…cupid had struck them..and to their astonishment they behaved as they knew each other since ages…decades…so many lives !

Awni and Alok became best of the buddies as well. They shared everything with each other..calling each other was like breathing…could not forget or skip doing that !! The bond was unbreakable..nobody would ever understand that. Awni’s friends always asked her how does she manage to continue in a relationship where there are no gift exchange or no meetings or not even short trips to near by places together…and to that Awni used to tell her friends how love is above all this and does not depend on these alone ! Her friends never understood and she didn’t care for that !

One day when they were on their phone call…Alok wasn’t comfortable in talking..he was a bit silent and his voice sounded tensed. Awni,like always kept talking for a while and realized that he is not responding like he would have normally…She kept mum for a while to let him speak what he might want to..but he was quiet.

Awni: What happened ?

Alok:  Nothing,really !

Awni: Really ? Are you not upset with something ?

Alok:  No, really !

Awni: [Pause] Are you not thinking that how this project will come to an end successfully ? Are you not worried about the logistics of it ?

Alok: How did you guess that ? I mean how did you ? I could have been thinking anything under the sun.

Awni: It’s really simple to know that.

Alok:  How ? You can’t even see my expressions. You are just hearing my voice and that’s that.

Awni: I said, it’s simple to know…I love you and Love is doesn’t require to see…it just requires to feel and sense !

Sometime later, Awni was in the office and was having a terrible day. She badly wanted to be with Alok then. Just wanted to be silent and be tightly hugged by him.She just needed some peace and care. This was the time when she really felt that their’s is an unlucky courtship. They can’t even see each other when so much in need. He was sitting miles away. 

She was in a meeting at the office but could not concentrate on what people were discussing.She picked her mobile and smsed Alok.

Awni: I’m really missing you very much. Want a hug,a tight hug !

Alok:  Oh sweetie, same here. Me too missing you.

Awni: Today I’m really in need of you. I’m yearning for that hug.Having a bad day !

Alok:  Really? [now getting a bit tensed about Awni] What happened ? Anything serious ?

Awni: Nothing.But want you close to me now.

Alok: Okay, look at your left hand side and see I’m just next to you ! I’m with you.

Awni: Actually looking at her left,even when she knew it can’t be true, but for a second she sees Alok right beside her.

Awni: I really can see you Alok,my god !

Alok: Are you feeling better now ?

Awni: Yes so much ! But how could I see you here when you are miles away from me ?

Alok: Remember ? Love is blind and it just requires to feel and to sense ? I’m right there with you,always !


10 thoughts on “She and Him-Love is blind !

  1. @Suree: Hey thanks buds :)@Titaxy: Thankuuuu :)@PB: Nope it's purely a form of fiction…just got a thought and made a little story out of it 🙂

  2. I love this post…coz…my love his name is Awni and this post is really almost the same as my life…..we knew eachother since last 3 years and 8 moth ago….and yes we never meet in real….only chat in yahoo or talk by phone sometime…..i love him so much as he is…but life is never fair and will never fair….he live in usa and he is not a citizent there….mine live in Thailand and really hard to get the Visa of usa….im tried before….almost 4 years and never meet in real…someone will say “stupid”…im understand if someone say that…coz its not happen with them……it was really wonderful and sadness……..i still keep moving on and never get up to meet him even he will get marry with someone in the future just need to meet him in real and talk to him …and let him hold me in his arms… is beautiful even im cry many time ….and i wish to everyone here for the true love and happy ending


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