Lurkers,Thieves, Followers & Actual Readers

In the blog world we have people falling in these categories: Bloggers,Followers,Blog thieves & Lurkers,right ? There is one more category called Readers. Now why readers has to be a separate category and these people can’t be included in the ‘Followers’ category ? Good Question here ! I’m trying to answer this ahead…

Off late I have come across many fellow bloggers whining about people who just visit the blog and go away without leaving a mark. Since there are tools and widgets available this can be found out that who visited the blog. And obviously who did not comment. Comments are really appreciated and are looked forward to once the post is published. These people are infamously called as LURKERS.These people want to remain around the blog secretly ! Read about them at Swaram’s blog and Nancy’s blog. These blogger’s have expressed the agony and voiced for the rest of the blogger’s as well. 

Thieves exist in this world and everywhere. So how would our blog world remain behind,right ? Yes, we have blog thieves as well. I can’t imagine how one feels when one’s content is stolen…I don’t know since it has not happened with me as of yet [or at least I’m unaware] but I have read people getting angry about it and it’s so natural. You producing something out of your creative stable and someone simply copying it and publishing it under his / her name ! Shame ! Awful ! Read what IHM has to say about this category here. So, these are BLOG THIEVES.

The third category is of Followers. What do they really do?  What’s their role in your blog ? When someone follows the blog that means that s/he likes your blog and is interested in reading  the stuff you publish. May be s/he shares your kind of thinking or s/he thinks that your thinking gives them a way to perceive the world in different manner or s/he simply likes you ! Either of these and more reason behind a person following your blog ! Check this image which I recently came across on through FB.

click on the image to get a better view

There are blogs who have 1000+ followers but the question is, do these followers really read the posts ? Do they really come to the blog daily and check what’s new up there ? Do they really care to comment every time there is a post for them ? So this is the category of FOLLOWERS who join your blog and increase the number of followers, which we really like, but finally very few turn up to the blog regularly !

So the whole point is no matter how many followers you have,the readership is what matters. I might have 37 followers of my blog, but I know exactly who all come to my blog regularly,pause,read and comment and that too honestly ! That is why I think there is a separate category of people in this blog world called READERS. These people might not follow your blog officially but they make sure,if they like your writing, they will be regular at your blog and read and comment. And comment not for the sake of commenting…but adding their own views to the topic which adds value to the writing of a blogger.

I recently came across a post on fellow blogger’s blog which is,not really,but some what on the lines of followers Vs. readers. And the commentators also wrote well on the topic. And they think like me.. ‘Number of followers does not determine the writing skills. The readers who like reading your blog will read it anyway even if they haven’t clicked that ‘follow’ button !’

Blogging is for your own sake. For your own good and by your own choice. It works like a stress buster / serves the writing habit / to escape the loneliness / to take it out somewhere / ranting space / for sharing your views / etc. etc.  

Blog,Read and Follow-what you want to, when you want to and till you want to. But you SHOULD NOT be a sneak thief or a secret spectator !! That’s the mantra !!

Enjoy Blogging !

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26 thoughts on “Lurkers,Thieves, Followers & Actual Readers

  1. So,what counts is being a reader rt 😉 As u said, I read and comment, that too nt just for the sake of commenting 😛 I did nt get the funda of the follower @ all actually 😉 Bcoz, when I read and say what I feel, thatz what following is na 😀

  2. Moral of the story: "Never a lurker nor a blog thief be"P.S.: Is there some kinda movement going on here? Everyone suddenly is blogging about lurkers ,comments etc?

  3. Actually…am here to leave my mark ;)Sometimes I am lurker– when my mood is off, or when the topic is beyond my understandability :POtherwise, as a legal follower of you (i am one of those 37 hai ) I always try to place my feeling on anybody's post.As a blogger, I do feel how great it feels when someone has some opinion on the same thing we think… Good post Nu… thanks and please don't mind on me for any reason 😀 I am such and unlucky person who is misinterpreted to ppl 😦

  4. I too hate it when people read a blog but don't comment. Many of my friends text me to tell that my post was good but comment ka maja hi kuchh alag hai!Thanks for the link of!

  5. @Swaru: Yeah being a reader counts and is important.. followers is nothing but someone who clicks that 'follow' tab on the blog home page-you can view on the left hand side on my home page- But these followers become the followers of the blog..and that's that…they stop there.. though here on the blog number shows that my blog has so many followers but that doesn't mean my blog has that much readership or only that much readership, get the point ?

  6. @G: yeah, you got the moral right !! So I guess you have been a good student in the moral science class 😉 Movement,huh ? No idea sweetheart… I just came across the cartoon image and then it clicked an idea of posting something matching the current blog world's mood 🙂 ehheheheh….@Mahi: Oh sweetie why did you think so..I won't mind or take you wrong at all 🙂 Okies :)) Smile now !

  7. When I saw a trail of blog dosts checking out my "Halt who goes there" post I was like "What up???"So followed the bread crumbs and reached here;-DCoool post…never thought of it tht way really. But now come to think of it….Ur post actually reminded me of a classic example…Shobha de who has some 2000+ followers but has just a few comments to show for each post. Such a pity really. And I knw some people who come over to my blog and read everything but never have commented even once. That makes me quite sad….while there's no need to comment on every post, just once in a while never hurts to show appreciation, right???

  8. @G: Tnx for that Cam Capture information…But at my site it opens and goes well the dimensions 😦 Okay will check if there is any solution to this other than changing the template again 😉

  9. Girlie, I very well know hw to become a follower 😛 My point ws anybody who reads n comments is obviously a follower 😉 Why click there and then leave it @ that 😉

  10. well Nu, u summed it all up very neatly…if i am not wrong, i can see myself in one of the paragraphs right? what u wrote in that particular para is exactly my point, and few people who know my style understood it clearly…thank u too for understanding my point..there is nothing wrong in having 1000+ followers, but the point is, don't judge a site from such numbers…read first and then decide whether it is worth it or not…I am ranting again…can't help it right? tc :)))

  11. Hmm..interesting. I am not sure if I have clicked the follower buttons in too many blogs but I do subscribe them in my Google reader (add the url manually). I am not sure if a blogger can trace me as a reader (though I do comment whenever I find something provoking enough) and be happy about it. As for lurkers, I know quite a few of my friends who read my blog regularly though never comment or leave any foot-print behind. I once met a friend of a friend (while visiting London) who is a regular reader and knew me a bit too well though she never left any footprints on my blog. It was a bit awkward for me. I wonder if any other blogger have had any such experience? And how do they deal with it..

  12. bubbly bubbly Nu…i'm gonna have to disagree with you a little bit here…on the lurkers part…i don't understand why people just cant read and not leave comments…i loveeeeeeeee getting comments…each and every comment i get, i treasure…it makes my day…and i comment on almost all the blogs i read..but then it doesn't seem right to me to ask everyone that reads me to comment…what if they have nothing to say? what if they are just reading it to feel better but don't really wanna share anything yet? or maybe whatever i wrote in the post didn't make any sense to the person, so they didn't comment…cud be so many things, no? then why all the pressure to the lurkers to delurk? let them just read and one day when one of the posts pulls them to write a comment, they will…right? :Dok i know i'm rambling here without making much sense…so will stop…maybe will do a post laterand i totally agree on followers vs. readers…hugs!!!!!!

  13. Nupur there might also be some readers who read but are too lazy to comment or those who are too shy to comment? Or they don't know what to add to a post? I feel if somebody is reading our posts it's fine – even if they don't comment. I get more clicks than comment and their are some who read without commenting – I feel just happy atleast they are reading, which hopefully means they like what they are reading….

  14. While I agree with you on most counts, I am with Titaxy on the 'Lurkers' bit. There are definitely blogs I love reading but somehow there may be some posts where I don't really know what to say/add that isn't already part of the post. And so I may not leave a comment. Don't get me wrong…I love comments! And sometimes get frustrated when I see the number of visitors versus the number of comments. But I've also noticed some blogs where each post has about a 100 comments but not all may actually be relevant. Don't know if that makes sense but it's almost like they are commenting for the sake of commenting. But I do agree that the number of Followers is not the same as the number of Readers. I have 70-odd followers but I know which ones actually read my blog. 🙂 Some people do tend to follow you just so you follow them back.

  15. Absolutely love with all your points.Nu, As I wrote on Bluemist's blog and last month on Monika's blog that I am fine if some people read me regularly and choose not to comment. Just like how we write for ourselves, readers too have the right to comment or leave. Many time people come to our blogs searching for something else so even though that counts as a hit, they really don't read the post and leave.Some readers once a while mail me or comment to tell me that they read me but don't comment regularly and I am totally fine with it. Comments are fun but it is not nice to force anyone to comment or read us.

  16. Hey Nu,Comments are the happy part of blogging, we know ppl read, they ponder and add, agree or disagree… In short the post and the blogger is acknowleged… who hates comments. but as most of here has said, we can't force them to commment can we?And we shd beware of all those theives…. Enjoy the weekend:) and u changed template again!!Ashes

  17. I wish I could improve the number on the comments section too. But the thiefs are unpardonable. That really is awful. How does one find them out?Sometimes, we just don't know how to add to a post with a comment.

  18. Nunuuu…Everyone loves to receive comments on their blogs, ofcourse nasty ones being exceptional.Insteading of people lurking around the blogs, I would like them to atleast drop in a 'Hello' or a smiley. Just to make their presence known to the blogger and that does count. :)Afterall, writers are what makes readers and readers are what makes writers. That's the mantra! 😀

  19. 🙂 Loved your post,honestly..In most cases,i comment when i read a blog..When i am not able to concentrate or if i feel that i ahve so much to share,i refrain from commenting that very moment,and put it later for a 'peaceful' time slot..But in most case,it never happens and i miss commenting.. and by the time i ahve come back,maybe the author may have reached publishing 4 more posts..I love comments and i blog to get comments,i am frnak about it..Because there is no point if i shout ..Productivity is when i share mine and when they share theirs,a give and take policy.. I get more clicks than comments,so i guess i ahve silent readers,maybe they don't like me,maybe they like me too much… What did i say now? Ah,its 1am…Gotaa go to bed,just came to say that i loved your post..

  20. And comment not for the sake of commenting…but adding their own views to the topic which adds value to the writing of a blogger…..This is what I believe in….But I dont mind about the lurkers also..atleast they are reading me, so what if they are not commenting:)

  21. Guys we live in a world where plagiariam is the key word. People put their names on other people's work very shamelessly.So I guess we need to live with blog thieves too :(Lets not be too mean to poor lurkers please!It is very much possible they didn't understand the blog at the first place!Who said blogging is only for bright and informed people? ;)I do agree with the comments part.Good/imaginative/encouraging comments indeed help one to write better in future.It is nice to know what people felt about your small piece of art 🙂 since we do spend considerable amount of time to zero in on a topic and then creatively form it into redable material.

  22. Nice post, but lurking is not the category for all those who do not leave comments. May be the person who leaves the comments get upset when their comments are not published? May be they do not feel confident to leave a comment , but like the blog?The very fact that people read the blog is a compliment in itself?

  23. Although I understand what has been said I would also like to add that I absolutely, unreservedly enjoy reading Nupur's superb blogs and I have never commented on them however, I have also read some equally superb books and never commented on them either so I quess the question of the day is "do I think that my positive comments might understate and undervalue the brilliance of the blogger and her work" and that is why I personally do not comment. To which category do I then fit in?

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