Sometimes, you go through a cycle of thoughts and memories which you wish you never visited. They make you sad and leave a mark on your days’ mood.

I went through that unwanted cycle yesterday night, before I went to sleep.And once I go for a walk on single lane of memories the road takes me to so many other lanes which are ahead…and eventually lands me in the past…so real and so close ! Yesterday, I slept, sad and wondering. Though what all came to my mind was from almost 12 years back..but still it made me sulk. Hubby dearest held my hand made me sleep nicely by being cozy..but the thoughts did not listen to that as well.. They were too strong 😦

Anyways, the night went by and left a mark of darkness in my heart yet again…I woke up to a dizzy and sad morning.. still quiet and thinking…actually still walking on the memory by lanes…the day started with lot of hustle bustle since we are leaving today for the long pending all the last minute packing and checking the list..all being done with that sad thought lingering at the back end of the mind !

Usually when I’m working I prefer to listen to music which helps me feel lighter and makes my work less boring !!Same with my morning walks πŸ™‚ So while I was listening to the radio..I heard this song..Listen to it..I know you would have heard / seen it umpteen times..but listen to it yet again today !

I’m really telling took me out of that sad walking a second! I loved hearing to this song…felt the peppiness and happy tone of the singer…it’s so much optimistic and wonderful…and I told myself clearly..”girl,cheer up..todays the day your time with hubby dearest starts…leave everything behind and enjoy…” and this song really suited my future mood…”aajkal paav jaami par nahi padte mere…”

Songs can do so much good to you…and a single song can give different meaning every time you listen to it because of the mood you are wearing today !

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  1. soooo true Nu…songs help..and i agree we might feel different things depending up on moods…hope you are better now dear…have a fun filled vacation!

  2. Cheers for the song that makes you lighter….and I hope your mornings will be more colorful and sweet than from resembling the darkness of the previous night…..Wish your best, have sweet times with your hubby πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks a ton-Tixie,Mahi,G and EC !!! Love you all :)@Celestialrays: Welcome here πŸ™‚ Am glad I reminded you of this beautiful song πŸ™‚

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