Crux of the discussion

My last post Lurkers,Thieves,Followers and Actual Readers drew a lot of attention of the bloggers here. And why not, it was a topic pertaining to blogging which is close to our hearts. Received plethora of comments and before I was about to answer them all one by one, I noticed that almost everybody said the same and are in sync with each other…so I thought why not summarize it as a new post altogether πŸ˜‰ 

Okay as per the comments I read here is the crux:
[ here WE as in bloggers]

  1. We all love comments-of course !! And we are not forcing anyone to comment-yeah we are so nice and generous you see πŸ˜‰
  2. We are okay to have lurkers than to have commentors who would comment just for the sake of it. But lurkers who only prefer to blog shop are a no-no.
  3. But “comments ka maja hi kuch aur hai” so at least a ‘Hi’ sometimes would do the needful πŸ™‚
  4. We are not bothered about the changing [either upwards or downwards] number of followers but we surely understand the importance of readership and that’s what matters to us.
  5. “Chori karna paap hai,Nadi kinare Saap hai…” Yeah something like this from our childhood..So no thieves please… stay original and stay responsible !
  6. Blogging is for our own good and we enjoy doing it ! So let us just be πŸ™‚ 
That I guess sums it all up and I’m glad we all came to a single place and voiced our similar thinking.. Kudos to all blog friends out there ! And as Neha [Kapoor]keeps saying..“Blog dosts,take care and stay precious” too saying the same to you !

P.S. I’m off to vacation now and will soon be coming up with a post or two on my travel blog, HAPPY FEET ,with pictures and details of the trip !


11 thoughts on “Crux of the discussion

  1. Now,what a way to categorise readers?? But,Nu,sometimes, when we comment and don't get a reply, that also breaks the connection. So, as bloggers, we need to be responsible about that, what you say?HAve a great vacation,dear!!Come back with vigour and pictures for our J πŸ˜›

  2. Your thoughts in points proving you are a good student ;)Lurkers are not liked actually πŸ˜€ I don't like ;)Have good times in travel and I have done your 'Tag'… see it :D

  3. How come I missed this post. Maza comment nahi asa hou shakta ka?For point no.3. If not a Hi, atleast leave a "I was here" note πŸ™‚

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