Taking a cue from ‘Lady in Red‘. She has launched a campaign for herself which I really liked and thought of taking it up for myself.

There are so many days when we shout out loud and tell the Almighty that how our day has been bad till now and how every other thing is responsible for our bad luck ! But we never shout out loud in happiness and tell the Almighty exactly the opposite. We need to be grateful to him for giving us such a life and more things that each one of us has.

I’m taking my turn.. I’m being grateful to the Almighty for making the person what I’m today. Of course I don’t say that the Almighty and destiny only rule in the making of our being.Our parents, our education and our own self are equal contributors to what we were yesterday,what we are today and what we will be tomorrow ! But the only fact that HE gave me the parents and the environment to be in and turn out into a person that I’m today !

So, starting this week I’m being grateful for my whole being ! That I’m born ME and that I’m unique in every which way…like all of us are.. hehehe..and yes, I’m grateful that I’m able to blog.. to connect to this world where there is so much positive thinking flowing in and so many occasions to exchange the views and thoughts across with so many unique personalities on this planet earth,at the click of a button!! Where people can feel your pain and return hugs and smiles in your happiness..where you don’t feel alone and where there are no expectations…just giving ! A lovely blog world !!

I’m also grateful for being on a break…a 12 days break..where things are not governing me but I’m governing the time…doing what I want to and when I want to…and just being plain lazy-cozy with hubby dearest ! No schedules to follow and no rush….no wonder I feel like I’m floating in time…. πŸ˜‰

Me,my beloved,my books,my laptop and amazing beauty of the nature ! What else one could ask for….right now we are Dehradoon and man,it’s too cold here… I’m wondering when we reach upwards…what will we be…frozen ice mannequins I guess ! By the way just to inform you that I’m very much active on blogging and my travel blog is being updated regularly..with pictures and details of the journey πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. You are so right in that more often than not we all curse god when things go wrong but forget to thank god when things go well. I have been trying to be grateful every night but I'm ashamed to say I forget to do so sometimes. Lovely post! And enjoy your break!!!

  2. I am feeling good with your so positive thoughts…..I was thinking from this morning that I am good for nothing and I am such a bad creation (still my depression is on!)… But your post is making me feel that we are really lucky with what we have on earth.. rather that what we couldn't achieve….Have a nice vacation… shower us daily with your such sweet post, okay Nu? Will be waiting….. and, best of luck! πŸ™‚

  3. Awww Nunu… righto! We only call upto HIM in times of distress and pain.I'm surprised that u r active even while u r on vacation! Keep going girl!Enjoy to the fullest! HUGS! Mu'aaahhhhh πŸ™‚

  4. I've always assumed the Almighty to be the biggest schemer and plotter of all. He has his tricks and games which he plays with all of us and his plans for us are always more logical and practical than our own.Its true we remember him more in time of despair and grief and conveniently claim all the happiness as self-earned.We should always keep in mind…anything good happened because he wanted to, and anything bad happened because we deserved it.This faith can make us sail through the deadliest of storms.By the way…have a great time and keep us posted πŸ™‚

  5. true Nu…almost everyone strats rangint and blaming when things go wrong, but not many comes forward to be thankful when things are going fine or more than fine.. nice post, Nu…have a great fun vaaction…and i'm folloing your travel blogs for pics and updates..

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